Dating a trannie =p

on Wednesday, February 10, 2010
I feel like I have been so busy and that this blog has taken a back seat. Sorry if it feels that way to you guys. So lets get right into this:

I have been crazy busy. Been working my ass off with all this video stuff. Im downloading Final Cut Express right now off a torrent. Yah, I know, I hate myself too. I just cant afford it. Im getting paid by the end of the month so im hopefully going to be able to actually buy the software soon. I hate it when I get software online from companies I like. Like Apple. If it was adobe I wouldnt give 2 shits haha.

So yah. I've been listing to RENT all day. I'm kinda addicted to Light My Candle. Also for some odd reason I really want to date a trannie haha jk.

Anyways... how is everyone? I've been pretty good lately. Life seems to be moving in a positive direction. Which is always good. I'm thinking about doing a coming out video on youtube. I might just wait till next years coming out day. We will see. I have a while for that...

K. Going to go back to working on HW and the website. Fun stuff...


Planetx_123 said...

I love the:
"You wanna dance??"
"With you?"
"No... with my father...!?"

Ugh I just love Rent so much its not even funny. I put it on in the car and belt out One Song Glory and Tango Moreen all the time :-)

See now I just want to see the play!!

Anyways... how am I? Well in the last two weeks I was dumped and I came out to my mom, who didn't take it just fine and dandy :-)

Glad you're well!

Much Love,

wayner said...

I have to admit, a session of sex with some of those big-dicked trannies sounds kinky and hot. Good luck with the video stuff. I checked out Gregg's Plaice, and he wanted some early sex experience stories. I have never written about this before but I gave him 3 hot and true accounts from my teens in the 1960's; sleepover in a treehouse, Lindsay and the vacuum cleaner (I'm not kidding!), and my 'friend with benefits', Doug. I know you got mad at me about Lesbian and her hot gay brother, but here is my account of Doug and you might see where I am coming from.
Ok, one more true story from my youth and I’ll give you a break. In my teens, I always went on my bike to a country area where our summer house was a few miles away from our year round home. I hung around with this poor family with 8 kids; they were great, they cursed and swore and were very mechanically minded. I was a regular Huck Finn back then and I was best friends with a guy my age from that family named Bob. Now, I hinted often to Bob about homosexual activity but he never took the bait; hopelessly hetero but he was a nice guy. His younger brother Doug was another story; what a dirty minded little fucker! We didn’t do anal but did everything else; in every clearing in the woods, at our summer house, at the beach, in the attic of his shed etc. Doug was not cute, but he had a wicked slim, lean muscular body for his age, white skin so transluscent you could almost see through it, and his cock was always rock-hard. His ass was beautifully round, muscular and hard. One hot summer day, I suggested we all go to a small beach about a quarter mile away but Doug was the only one who wanted to go, the rest were busy drinking beer. He walked ahead of me along the path through the deep woods to the beach; the sun shining in rays through the canopy and a carpet of ferns all around us, the smell of the woods intoxicating; stunningly beautiful. We clampered around some rocks and laid down on a blanket on the empty beach. We wore speedo style bathing suits back then (those boxer style bathing suits today hide the male hotness and are terrible to swim in; like dragging an anchor!) and I looked at his awesome round ass with the top of his buttcrack showing. My 7 inch hard-on was poking thru the top and I rolled over to show him; he imediately asked me to go over to the island at the end of the beach so he could suck my cock. We strolled over with our cocks straining against our speedos, found a secluded spot and Doug greedily started sucking my cock; I got him to stop because I almost orgasmed too soon. I kissed his chest and stomach on the way down to his cock and started by sucking his balls real good; I reached between his legs with both hands and grabbed his ass and deep-throated his cock; his hands pushing my head down on his cock and his ass muscles squeezing together and his 6-pac stomach muscles contracting with each thrust. You could feel his cock expanding with each spasm of his climax and he made funny grunting noises. He then did the same to me and I sprayed the cum right down his throat. By this time, he was so turned on he begged me to do him again; it took a bit longer but his orgasm was even stronger. We went over to the diving rock, pushing and shoving each other into the water, the sun reflecting like a multitude of diamonds. Our wet bodies reminded me of dolphins. We dried each other off, laid in the sun for a while, talking and laughing. We had sex like this for 4 years before circumstances forced us apart.
-Young guys out there; make some happy sexual memories for when you get older. At my age, even though I am in excellent muscular physical shape, other people think that sex should mean nothing but gender! Fuck them. Too many young guys are wasting their sex lives gaming and computing in front of screens, getting soft and flabby. Give your finger to society and get as much homosexual sex as you can; its your day in the sun. -Wayne

Anonymous said...

re Rent - love Tango Maureen, La Vie Boheme, and of course Seasons of Love - just about worn the CD out in the van, got the original cast singing it.

@wayner - hot story!

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