Going To Fuck Him...

on Saturday, February 13, 2010
Zac Efron is so fucking gorgeous! I saw a picture of him and he looks so fucking hot. To bad he is straight... I swear one day im going to fuck that boy.

Anyways... I went over to a friends house today and we watched a movie and sat by the fire and had a good time. I love the lazy days like that. Where you can sit back and chill with friends and just have a fun time. My two friends have been going out for 2-3 years now. Its crazy how in love they are. Kinda shows me that its worth all the BS you go threw to find the one.

Lots of video's going on in the next couple days. Filming tomorrow and Monday. I need to get money so I can buy myself better lighting and a green screen. I'm actually filming two different video's so we will see how that goes. I also want to get another memory card because mine only holds 30min of footage. Yah... Exactly lol

I still need to work on the short film. I'm re-writing a couple scenes and redoing the shots I want/need to get. Its going to be fucking epic this time lol

My 18th birthday is coming up and idk what I want to do. I was going to go see Thunder Down Under but that would be hard to explain to my parents. I just dont want to be like "I'm going to go to see a bunch of nude guys dance on stage!" lol Its awkward. My mom offered me $400 to go shopping with and I said no. She then was like how about an alarm clock. I said no. I don't want her to just spend money like that for no reason. I rather just her save it up for something that will mean something to me. Idk...


Planetx_123 said...

Lol yes Zac Efron is hot. 17 again came on hbo last night and I had to record it :-/ terrible movie-- Zac looked good tho.

Thunder Down Under?? I seem to remember a Vegas show by that name that sounds like what you are describing. My (gay) friend and I were thinking about going to it, but it seemed like it was just geared towards straight women so we didn't go.

Well happy birthday early!!


louis3 said...

"I swear one day im going to fuck that boy" Can you record it for us, please? :D

wayner said...

Having a lazy day hanging with your friends is great. I can think of some young celebrity hotties that blow away Zac Effron! Are your vids going on You Tube?

Anonymous said...

I am interested in what camera and other equipment you use. Are these the ones you would really like or do you make do as they are the ones you can afford.

How does it affect the shooting you do?


John Doe said...

@Planetx_123 yah it seems to be but Chippendales has a little thing that says makes welcome so maybe ill go to that one instead.

@louis3: will do! haha

@wayner well you can have them. im fine with zac ;) and yes my videos are up on youtube. or they will be.

@scottiestoybox: i film using the Canon EOS 7D. Its an amazing camera and im so grateful to be able to have it. As for my other equipment I have a rode shot gun mic and then a desk lamp I use for my personal videos. I dont really have any lighting but I do my best. lol because I dont have lighting my videos dont look as good as i wish they did. I tend to film outside more often and when im inside ill pick a room thats has bright lights and big windows and film during the brightest times of the day. The videos still look good and the editing helps a lot so that awesome! =p

wayner said...

Ok, you love Zac, but I just saw Liam Aiken on 'Lemony Snicket...' and googled him; at 19, he still looks just as sweet! With that mop top and those sad eyes, its a face that just rips my heart out. Oh to be a teen again and go fishing on the bank of the river on a hot summer day with him. At my age he's a guilty pleasure but wtf, at my age I don't care! :)-Wayne

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