Did that all really just happen??

on Saturday, February 20, 2010
Ready for part 2 of the longest two days of my life?? lol

Yesterday I woke up at 6am and started getting ready. I got all the food and all of the things we needed. Then around 8am I headed to my friends house to pick her up and to get the sleds and stuff. After that we dropped off her laundry because her mom used that as an excuse to let her go. After that we headed to get my third friend who I was driving and then we started out trip. We headed up to Mount Charleston. If you guys remember we were going to go up to the mountain during Senior Ditch day as the tradition held but we got stopped but the stupid district volunteers and after hours of just standing in the cold got sent home. So this was like our redemption or something. We finally made it! lol We meet up with my other two friends that drove up in their own car and started the day off sledding. Then we got the food out and ate and hung out. After that we went down to the lodge and hung out for a while. We were all soooo tired. It was crazy. It was only 12pm and we felt like we had been there for a whole 8hrs. We drove home and went to a friends house and crashed there for a couple hours and slept a bit.

Then I had to go to pick my brother up from the movie theater and take him home. I picked up some food and headed to the Black History Club because I was working the sound. It was hell and a total joke. We had no idea what was going on because the teacher was so disorganized. So once the show started we started figuring things out. The hole thing was like one big church. People were praying and praising god and bull shit. WTF? Listen im not against religion but this is a school event. An event for BLACK HISTORY. Not Jesus night. The actual kids in the club felt the same way. The person in charge invited churches and ministers and priests and stuff and they had no idea. It was just one big mess and I felt like I signed up for something I really should not have signed up for.

After that we all went to the park and hung out and then we hung out some more at my house. Big mistake because I found out that I had to drive all 6 people home. It would have been fine if they all lived so far apart from each other and from where I lived. After an HOUR of driving I finally got home. I was sooo tired. My body was giving out on me. The only reason I was still awake was because I had a energy drink and coffee and food in my system. I came home and CRASHED.

So thats why I didnt write up a post yesterday but i promise that a Survey Sunday will be posted tomorrow to make up for it ;) lol I was also going to go film a video for tomorrow but I'm so tired I dont want to go out lol


Anonymous said...

Weird isn't it, how inviting church folk to a student gathering totally changes stuff and how they take over without really being asked to. I don't get the direct connection between Black History and church - but hey, I guess someone wanted Jesus in on the deal. I have nothing against religious guys and prayer is cool in it's proper place but.....................well yeah.

At least you got to do something out of the house for a bit, John; even if it totally exhausted you. Just curious, how does your younger bro handle your being gay...is he cool or confused or what?

John Doe said...

@CP: he doesnt really know. I mean im sure he does. My friends come over and talk so he hears it but my mom doenst want me to "tell him" because he is in a "confused time" right now going threw puberty. Yah. Its bull and homophobic on her part but wtf am I going to do. Arguing doesnt help and the less shit I bring up about the gay thing until she is 100% ok with it then the better.

wayner said...

Yeah, Black History turning into a fundamentalist religion event; didn't I warn you about 'smoke and mirrors'? :p - Wayne
ps; great to see you get some exercise!

Anonymous said...

John, you're probably making the right decision for now, since your mom would create more static and shit for your bro if he asked questions or showed approval of you. But it might be good to watch for 'the right time' to drop an appropriate comment to him that lets him know you are okay with yourself, and that it has nothing to do with him. Sometimes, young guys in the midst of discovering their own sexuality during puberty can become very anxious if they don't understand the truth of what being gay or str8 is all about. And your parents probably are not the best ones to tell him, since they obviously have a built-in bias.

That moment will happen sooner than later, just be ready to be his big bro and support him in his choices. You could be the best friend he has to talk to about his stuff.

wayner said...

@CP; Well said again! - Wayne

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