Parents Making Gay Jokes. Trespassing Bullshit.

on Monday, February 15, 2010
My mom keeps making gay jokes. I dont know if I should be happy or sad about that. I guess in some ways it a good thing because it means they are getting more comfortable with the whole thing. On the other side I can't tell if its a form of attack. I'm not sure. Whatever it is its a step and thats always a good thing. Looking at it in a positive way here... (POSITIVITY tattoo! haha).

Well yah. I'm currently exporting one of the many video's im working on for youtube. It was a hard video to film. Got in trouble making it on the way. Did you guys know that the side walk is owned by the hotels? Yah and I need a fucking permit to film on the sidewalk. How stupid? Its not like im profiting from it. Whatever. They sent me off with a warning and they said the next time they will charge me with "trespassing." BULLSHIT!

I still don't know what I'm doing for my birthday. Its in less then two weeks. I've decided im going to smoke weed one more time before im 18. Just to get it out of my system. I miss it. Music is starting to suck. I'm listing to the radio on my laptop right now. These songs are REALLY BAD! Who the fuck decides to play this shit. Its horrible. Alright guys. Need to right a script for another video I need to film/edit and upload by tomorrow 7pm. byee!!


Oliver said...

lol what happened to sunday survey? :P

Anonymous said...

'rents making gay jokes are either trying to nervously approach the subject and begin to accept your orientation - or they are dissing it. A gentle (remember they ARE your 'rents after all) question posed in a non-threatening manner might clear the air on this one.

But if they are making sport of you and what you are - call them out on it. Ask if they appreciate you making jokes about them and their ignorance of modern social issues........if that needs to be put out there.

John Doe said...

@Oliver: can i blame it on valentines day? lol sorry. i'll have one up next sunday for sure. =p I was so busy that day filming and editing.

@CP: yah i know what you mean. its hard to tell with them if they are joking or now.

wayner said...

John, please don't think I am lecturing or talking down to you, but be very careful about developing a weed smoking habit. Today's weed is much more potent and addictive than the dope I smoked back in the '70s. Weed is of course very enjoyable and doesn't leave you with a hangover; and that is the problem, because you can easily smoke a lot every day. The addiction and habit sneaks up on you over the months and years until you need it like oxygen. You need it just to feel normal and it kills your motivation. I am speaking from experience. I quit cold turkey and couldn't sleep for a month and was a nervous wreck. It was really hard to adjust. And that is the trap with any drug; after a while you build tolerance and you don't get the thrill anymore and you need it just to feel normal. Never let a drug control you; just don't do it in the first place. And that includes booze! You can get addicted to sex though, that's natural. lol ( a lot of politicians are lawyers and they love to pass laws to make more work for fuckin lawyers!)

Michael said...

I worked at a hotel a couple of years ago doing security and they told me that the place was private property. I know i could not believe it either. Not after seeing all the guests.

Anonymous said...

I guess LV caters to the big hotels and the millions they spend setting them up - and let them control the sidewalk. Most places designate the City as the owner of the sidewalk. Sometimes though, all it takes is a phone call or letter to someone in the marketing or promotions dept. and they make the way clear for you in exchange for a beauty shot of the hotel, etc. etc. to be included in the final cut.

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