What An Amazing Life!! =p

on Thursday, February 18, 2010
I'm coming to my senses again. I'm in a great mood. Life is moving is such a positive directions for me and im so thankful for that. Today was on of the best days I have had in a very long time. Not to say that I didnt have my fare share of stress and hell. Let me explain lol

So today my parents left to go out of town. So I decided to sleep in and miss a class. That hour passed and then I missed another. Oops lol. No big deal. So I went to school and only had 2 classes left. Not to mention I showed up during lunch so that was pretty cool. I dressed really nice today. Not that I usually don't. Just that today for some reason I felt good about the way I looked. It was nice. Anyways... I went to government after lunch. Then I had my last class which was my tech theater class. After all that we had a thespian (international society of theater people lol) meeting. I am on the council as publicist so I was on stage feeling all important (but not with an ego or anything like feeling more important then anyone else there!). Then we did voting for nominations for prom king and queen. Guess who got nominated?????? ME!! I had the most people vote for me! Woo. I know im not going to win or anything. It will go to some popular kid thats on student council. My graduating class has over 700 kids in it. Maybe 400 of them I have no real friendship with. Its just not possible to be able to know all those kids lol. The popular kids are known by everyone. They dont need to know all the 700 because the 700 know them. Idk. I guess I might have a chance. We will see...

After that I went and hung out with Lesbian and her younger gay brother. We went to best buy then target. We went to a car wash place where you can wash your own car for like a couple quarters and then we headed to get some Chipotle. Oh how I love Chipotle. Best (kind of) mexican fast food ever! lol

Then I had to go to school for a rehearsal for the Black History Show at out school. OMG what a mess. I'm an organized person. I like list and charts and outlines. I hate mess and nothingness. It frustrated me so much. This was exactly that. No one knew what was going on. The tech's where trying to figure out what the people wanted. 80% of the acts that were going to be in the show (which is tomorrow) were not there. There was no script of who goes when and what they are doing. We only have 3 of the tracks for the show. We are going to get the rest "as soon as they walk in the door tomorrow." We had no idea what was going on. So I took charge. I went downstairs (we were in the light/sound booth) and talked to all the people in charge. I told them what we needed and what we needed to get done. The stage manager was freaking out. So yes, I did her job for her. It was not out of disrespect or anything, she really did need my help. Anyway. I got it all, barley, figured out and then headed to give everyone a little pep talk to make sure they were all calm and not to stress out even more then they already were. I walked them threw the whole situation and we got threw it. With positivity! =p

THEN (yes my day is not over!) I went and picked up lesbian and we went grocery shopping for stuff for our trip tomorrow. We headed to my house and we started making a bunch of food for tomorrow! I'll tell you all more about that tomorrow because A) i dont want to be stalked and B) I have covered so much already lol. After we finised cooking and all we sat down and watched on of my all time favorite movies EVER Pineapple Express. =p

Overall an amazing day. I should most likely be asleep right now. I have to get up really early and get ready for my LONG day tomorrow. lol I love not having my parents home. I have a little more freedom and a little less annoying scolding of "where are you going!" and "why are you always out and never home" lol. Alright talk to you guys tomorrow!! I'll take some pic's for you guys tomorrow as well and post them.... No not those kind of pics pervert! ;) lol byeee!


HMG said...

Dude good job getting nominated for Prom King, I guess if you ever questioned whether you were gonna go or not just went out the door. Also great job taking charge of the stage I know that can be a mess when there is no time and nothing is ready. I hope you have a great trip!

Sam said...

OMG! That was such a long day! I am happy you've got great things happening in your life... keep it up, man! Enjoy your trip :)

Best of luck for Prom King!

Anonymous said...

Oh Prom King.

Sorry, I read it as Porn - well, that doesn't matter.

Well done to be nominated! You should get loads of people to lobby on your behalf and then forget about it!

wayner said...

Parents should leave home at least one day a week to give the stressed-out teens a break!

Anonymous said...

@wayner - TOTALLY AGREE!

I am 'rent of two, a boy and a girl who are now in their 20's......and once they were responsible enough (around age 16-17), they were left alone to do whatever, while I went out to dinner or a show with my spouse, etc. etc. and often for more than a day without our presence in the home. Contrary to the popular expectations that teens would run wild, the house was in order, the neighbours had no complaints, no cops were called, some alcohol was used but we expected that and made allowances for it; and nothing bad happened.

It gave my two the personal pride and satisfaction that I deemed them trustworthy, and that they could handle the house and guests by themselves. Worked out great for us, and I have always told other parents that they need to do the same thing.......set their kids up to succeed by allowing them room to demonstrate responsible maturity.

John Doe said...

@HMG haha thanks =p yah i guess know all i have to do is find a guy to go with lol

@Sam right? it gets longer. i still have to write about yesterday!

@Micky hahahahah that made me laugh!!

@wayner: amen!

@CP oh. if only my parents were the same way!!

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