When You Compare. There Is No Comparison.

on Monday, February 8, 2010
I have been video chatting with a couple guys on skype lately. I dont know if you guys remember but I have this thing where I dont want to hookup with guys until I find someone that I really do like. I dont mind doing the whole cam thing though. I meet one kid that was really hot. Anyway. I dont want to get into details cause I think thats a little personal ;)

Anyways. I shot a video for youtube today. It is really bad but my camera's battery died and its only a short introduction video so hey. I hope people like me =p I'm filming this big video this weekend. Also I'm working on a new website for a client. It's a jeweler so she wants her main site and then a shop site. Im going to charge her $300 for the site and then $400 for the shop. I think its a really good price. Usually people pay 1,500+ for a simple static site. The one she wants is pretty intense with flash and lots of pics and options. Oh and lots of jQuary cause of all the animations/transitions she wants. Oh and on top of all of that I have to work on the short film.

I really want to see Valentines Day. It seems like a cute movie. Maybe I'll ask someone to go with me. I have someone in mind but I'll let you know if it ends up happening. I have a lot of things going on as you can tell. So a date or even just a night out with friends would be nice. =p


wayner said...

'find someone that I really like'; I hear you there! A lot of gays get hung up on 'cute', but I find most cute guys have swollen heads instead of swollen dicks. Cute is gone when a person gets into their twenties. I have often gone for a guy whose face just has character; but I insist on a slim, muscular body because that is the way I have always kept mine. Also no one wants a whiny serious complainer; I want an upper not a downer. Even if you're young you might eventually find that partner; don't bother holding out for idealized perfection, it is an illusion. - Wayne

Anonymous said...

Cute is generally thought of as a quality during one teenage years, although I personally have played with some exceptionally cute bois in their 20's. I guess it will always be in the eye and mind of the beholder.

As for camming, when so long as your profile that you use conceals your actual identity and location (there ARE trolls out there), ya do what ya gotta do.

Jason Carwin said...

Question: Do you give our your YouTube channel name or do you keep that private?

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