When Birthdays Go Bad.

on Sunday, February 28, 2010
I'm not going to complain. Any birthday is a great one. It means that you survived a year in this crazy world we all live in. This is a blog though and in a blog you tell about your life/day and thats what im going to do. It's not my fault it wasn't the best birthday but it was my birthday and im going to share it with you. I'm not mad, sad, or disappointed. It was just one out of the (hopefully) many birthdays to come.

So the party the night before was horrible. Everyone passed out before we even got drunk. Passed out as in fell asleep. it was bad. It was really boring and I quote: "the worst party ever." Yah. Exactly. Anyways: the cool things is my mom decorated the house and got me a cake which was awesome cause it showed me that she cared. =p

The next day I woke up and had to clean the house. My friends went home and I watched tv for the rest of the day. The best part of the day was when my cousin, who im best friends with, got me cupcakes from this place in vegas that is "gay friendly." They were AMAZING cupcakes lol. Then we went to dinner with the family. We got there at 6:30pm with a reservation and only got seated at 7:30 and started to eat at 8pm. Well then my brother got sick and threw up (before we ate). Then he nearly fainted and my parents were not even at the table most of the time because they were taking him to the restroom and outside and to the car, ect. I got home and then left to my friends house to watch movies for a good hour or so.

Yah. So that was my 18th birthday. Oh in case you were wondering I didnt get anything gift wise. Well my mom got me a card and those cupcakes were delicious! haha So yah.

I re-filmed another scene for the short film today and it turned out much better this time. I fixed a few issues I had and now im going to edit for the rest of the night. Peace out. =p


HMG said...

Dude that sucks, I hope you have a better one next year, my birthday's usually suck , but I just think of them as any other day in a year. I hope your film turn out the way you want it!

Sam said...

Happy Birthday!!

It's true that it may not have been the best you could wish for but trust me, I had much worse Birth days!!
A good way to look at it is that in as much as it kinda sucked, it was a memorable one! Am I not right? :P
Many greater birthday parties are definitely ahead of you though!

Have a nice week, buddy!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday. Sounds like it was a birthday from hell. Cheer up. It could have been worse. You could have been tossing your cookies instead of your bro.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with all the other posters - it could have been worse, and it will be one to remember, in a way. All the same, you are now LEGAL - heheheheheh! While being reasonably sane and careful, go out and do something (legal of course) that you could not do before turning 18. Celebrate yourself!

Oliver said...

You're 18!!! Just don't vote for Sarah Palin XD

wayner said...

Probably the best birthday would be you and your samer friends having an orgy! lol Anyway, it could have been much worse; you've seen those teen movies where you invite a few friends and the whole high school shows up for a drunken blast and trash the place. Talk about a hangover the next morning when the parents show up! Where is the sympathy for your poor sick brother; he had a much worse time than you! At least you got the nice cupcakes. And, yeah, what Oliver said about Sarah Palin (shudder!). Wonder how I could ever find your movie? Happy birthday - Wayne

Anonymous said...

OMG! You can legally look at Smutty Stuff now!

Congrats - at least we're not supposed to give you anything for your birthday, except our hugs of course, so here's a transatlantic hug with 'Blackpool' written all the way through it.

Nobody gave me cupcakes on my birthday.

Anonymous said...

@Micky - HERE'S a virtual cupcake for you, m8t, candle included -


Random Thinker said...

Hey, sorry you didn't have the best ever birthday, but happy birthday again anyway.

Mine was much like yours, a few emails, a text, a call - but no cards, no presents, and a birthday brunch cut short because of vomitting at the restaurant...

Must be something about the 27th!

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