Lots Of Gayness...

on Thursday, February 11, 2010
Had a crazy busy day. Hung out with my gay peeps. Lots of gayness occurred today. Let me explain:

Well. I went to school today and it was a good day. Our school is doing the fundraiser for Haiti where teachers and administrators will get pied by students for $3. It was a good cause and the teachers were really good sports about it. We even had our principle out there getting pied. Amazing what people will do for charity!

Then I invited myself to go with Lesbian and her gay brother. I asked him if he identifies as gay or bi because I wanted to hear if he was comfortable enough to say it. He didnt really answer. He said something along the lines: "well I would fuck a girl." then I asked if he has. He said he had but I called BS and said it out load. How did I know? I just did. It was fake. You could hear it in his voice and the way he responded. So the kid is still a tad confused. Its ok. He is turning 16. I guess he has time to figure it out...

Also the kid on the real world. The "bi not gay" one. Yah. He is pretty gay. I know bi kids. I know kids that will look at women the way I look at men and then look at the same man im looking at and have a competition on who can get him first. This kid just likes the attention. Women LOVE giving out attention. Guy's, especially gay insecure ones, love that attention. I know. I have seen it first hand...

Also I was watching Oprah today and there was a transgender on and her story was amazing. She was the high school star. She was a he. Know a women. Really nice message and genuine in how hard it was for her to transition. I got me thinking about how I want to talk to teens about coming out.

Anyways... we have a long weekend coming up. I have a lot to do so its going to be a pretty busy one... Also im still trying to decide on what to do on my birthday. Thunder Down Under? Or just a party? Or maybe go too Lion King with the family. Thats the good part of living in vegas. Lots to do when you 18+ haha.


Anonymous said...

My roommate my first year in college used to talk about women all the time. He didn't go on a single date the entire school year.

He told us a story about being left alone with a girl when he was 15, when both sets of their parents went out of town, and them having sex all weekend long. Something just didn't ring true about his story.

There were other odd things, as well. He wore makeup (foundation), was obsessed with clothes, read GQ, etc. This was a decade plus before metrosexuality. He also said some strange things at times.

Fast forward 11 years . . . I finally came out. I thought about him and realized he was probably gay, too. I wrote him a letter and apologized if I'd ever hurt him with the teasing about GQ ("Reading Gay Quarterly again?" I used to say, sarcastically). I added, at the end, if you are gay, you're not the only one in our room who was. It was a two person room.

A few months later, I was in town and we went out to lunch. He told me the sex-all-weekend-long story again, but, this time, he wasn't with a girl. The other boy was 16 and it was the other boy's suggestion. Something along the lines of, "We're not supposed to touch girls, right? But we get horny, right? Well, I've got some ideas, if you're game." The other boy eventually married a woman.

wayner said...

Instead of asking a guy if he is gay, ask him if he has ever tried hot male sex; the connotations are different; no wonder young guys are confused! I have a hard time reconciling the 'bi' thing and the sexual urge. I think the sexual urge is 90% one way or the other; sexual preference is about the sexual urge, not emotional attraction; its about who you want to go to bed with, not to the movies. People who claim they are 'bi' should first define their concept of bisexuality; that would be a more honest approach. Live and let live; whatever makes you happy. Eighteen is a significant birthday; its like your first taste of adulthood, as in drink responsibly or don't drink at all and you'll have a happy birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

wayner wrote: "people who claim they are 'bi' should first define their concept of bisexuality"

OKAY, so I am a bi male who has clearly known my own sexual preferences since puberty. I am equally attracted to and have bedded down with both boys and girls. To use the coarse terms, girl tits and cunt are just as appealing to me as boy ass and cock. I have enjoyed long nights in bed making passionate and ardent love to every part of both male and female bodies. LOVE, not just fucking. Cuteness of face works both ways for me. I can guarantee you that there are millions more like me, and who probably gravitate toward one gender or another to simplify social life, not due to their particular gender/sexual preference.

I agree with wayner on asking a boy if he has had hot male sex. These days, the term gay sometimes is used to denote very effeminate males; or something that is weak and ineffective (ooooh, that's SOOO gay!). Many gay men, despite the stereotype, are not necessarily fem in speech or body language. So labeling as 'gay' can be a turnoff for a young guy just figuring himself out. As well, there are tons of basically hetero dudes who try sex with other guys for the experience, and then decide that they prefer females. So having hot sex with another boi is a good thing, and labels aren't important.

I kinda like a word that was used a while back, that seems to have fallen off off the slang list..........samer........as in a person who prefers same-sex companions and intimacy.

wayner said...

@CP ; - Well said! :)

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