The Day's Are Going By... Almost Friday!

on Thursday, November 5, 2009
Well you guy's asked so I'll let you know: The talent was singing a duet with my cousin. She played the guitar also. It was a really cute love song she had written. Which is kinda why I didn't want my parents there... Kinda awkward singing a love song when your parents just realized that you would be singing that to a guy. Still haven't talked to them...

I had rehearsal's today for the one act's (well I have them everyday). Remember this is my first time actually acting as I am usually the sound tech (remember that competition I won?? Yup it was the audio one at SUU's Tech Olympics. I didn't want to say it at the time because you would all know where I was and that's kinda scary lol). So yah it was really fun. The cast isn't to big and we all work together really well. It's a very funny show! I play an old grandpa that is very witty and lovable. Fun stuff!!

Tomorrow is the day I go see Jake... I'm not that excited to go over there. We are going to watch him in his play. He's a fairy in A Midsummer Night's Dream. It's funny cause he is gay and he is playing a fairy! Also, this just popped in my head, I'm SO sick of the ford faggot. It's such a degrading word. Especially when it's meant to hurt someone. People in my school use it all the time.

So I was writing a note to my friend yesterday and the teacher was being kinda sexist so my friend called him a douche bag. Then I wrote back that the class is a bunch of immature idiots. Well my brilliant friend forgot it on her desk in that same class. So my teacher found it and made this huge scene about it in front of the whole class. He didn't say who wrote it so no one knows it was us. The teacher says he recognizes his handwriting but idk...

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