I Missed A Post =[

on Thursday, November 26, 2009

I started writing it and then never finished. So never mind lol

I want to say happy thanksgiving to all my american blog readers! Did you guys eat turkey??? If you dont celebrate thanksgiving how was your wend? haha

We had this HUGE dinner at our house. A bunch of family and friends came over and we had a blast. Super fun. Plus I meet up with this girl that I have known for a while but we were not that close. She is in college and in a sorority. Well we got to talking and she does: "there are tons of hot guys in 'INSERT FRAT HERE'" OMG! I was like what?!?! So she was like "yup! like your kind haha." then she said that the frat house is throwing her a birthday party next week (her b-day was today) and that she is going to invite me. Im super excited!!! haha. This day has just been awesome. =p

Tomorrow im going to a party so I'll hopefully post before I go. P.s. do you like the pictures in the post? I thought it would be a nice touch! haha

i just realized (by reading other blogs lol) that i never told you guys my coming out story! well check back tomorrow!


cvn70 said...


I had a nice holiday and we did eat turkey. the college party sounds nice i hope yo have a good time. take care and be safe


Helga Vonlunch-Box said...

I'm so glad you had a great day :)
The hubby and I stayed home this year...
Our son went with my parents to a friends
house and had a good time there...

I hope you have a blast at that party :)



sorry i haven't commented in a while...
I have been reading your posts when I
get the time :)

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