Thanks A Tone =p

on Wednesday, November 11, 2009
To all of these soldiers!! I really appreciate how brave you all are! Thank yu for going out and risking your lives for this amazing country we live in. Thank you for protecting us all. It's because of you we can feel safe and secure and that means the world(no pun intended) to me!!

Well... last night I went to the All Time Low concert. It was so much fun!! I had a blast. =p It was also my friends birthday, she turned 18. We went out for dinner afterwards and got burgers at this place that is AMAZING!

I finally found the camera I want to get. It's the Canon 7d! OMG is it gorges. It has all the bells and whistles I could ever want. I would go into detail's but it would most likely bore you to death lol The only problem is that it's expensive... VERY EXPENSIVE!! How expensive? It cost $1700 and I currently have $12 in my camera budget lol. I have a few job's lined up so ill be able to get in in 2-3 months. Maybe even next month if I get lucky =p (I do graphic and web design on the side)

My mom and I are on ok terms. It all blew over. I'm still getting used to the whole thing. Like I said... I stopped loving her so it's going to be hard to just jump right back in there and pretend like nothing ever happened.

Cute boy wise?? Well there is one but he is way to young and still "not sure" and is also my best friend's little brother (he is 15 turning 16 soon). It's a long and complicated story that I will write about tomorrow. =p I do have school tomorrow so I need to go to bed. I have a math test tomorrow that could either drop me to a B or bump me up to a safer A. I have like a 90% lol


Anonymous said...

Um, oh, sorry - did you say it had blown over with your Mum and you're talking again?

So she's sort of getting used to the idea. Don't suppose she talks to you about being gay very much. But at least if she's stopped yelling and screaming and threatening to cut your balls off, then that's got to be a big step forward.

Octavius said...

Good luck with your test mate.

Courage and Honour!


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