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on Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wow... crazy crazy night. I would tell you all of the stuff that happened but to tell you the truth. It's all kinda fuzzy. The night started with me trying to score the alcohol, which like always, I got. We then headed to my friends house and well... got fucked up. It was just 7 of us. We decided to keep it a small because last time we told 20 people and like 100 showed up. So yah, thats about it. I drank way to much and well you know how that ends: "I will never drink again!" yah... ok. I ended up staying the night there and then we all woke up and went to BK and ate. I do not know how the hell my stomach let me do that but hey, thanks stomach!

Then I went home and passed out, well not like last night, I fell asleep. I woke up and watched a movie. It was really cute. It was called "The Other End Of The Line" It was with the really hot guy from John Tucker Must Die. Oh and he was also the one that was hooking up with Eva Longoria on desperate housewives lol

Now I am just sitting at home. I kinda wish it was winter break already. I have another 3 weeks =[ I NEED A VACATION!! haha.

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mikey said...

i threw up after eating peas when i was like 10 and cant eat then now witout gaggin but i can puke after beer and have more beer like the next day ... its sooo weird. the pic cracked me up, i hate it when u feel so shitty that havin ur face against the cold toilet actly feels good and rite then u dont even think bout how nasty the whole toilet is


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