Monday's Are The Worst!

on Monday, November 23, 2009
Yup... You are lazy and tired and you dont feel like doing anything productive. Today is exactly that. I am super lazy. I dont feel like doing any of the tons of homework I have to due. Teachers go crazy every time there is a holiday coming up because it gives them time to grade things. Why can't they just be nice and forget about assignments and just grade them during the school week??

Anyways, I didnt really do much today. After school our rehearsal was canceled so I just hung out and watched the over rehearsal's. They were really cute and fun. Then I went to albertsons, the grocery store, with my friend and we got canned food for the homeless and drinks. Which my friend proceeded to spill IN MY CAR! I didnt get that mad because I need to get a car wash anyway so its just gives me another reason. Then I went to drop her off at the bus stop.

I have all these amazing video ideas running threw my head and I wanted to go buy accessories on black friday but im waiting on the guy to send me the info so i can start working on the site so I can get paid. So its not looking good for me. Plus I still need to finish this other site to get enough money to actually buy my camera. So it's going to be a while till I start any filming. Oh yah! I forgot to tell you guys!! I'm writing a screenplay that I will produce and direct! I'm super excited. I have the story line in my head and im writing it now. I'll give you guys updates as I go.

Funny joke of the day?? My friends were all talking about how boys are assholes and their bad boyfriends. One goes "boys suck!" so i go: "not enough of them do..." haha get it??? its a gay joke and it made them laugh! So yah... thats about it. Going to go get started on that hw. =[


Octavius said...

I liked that joke. But is already tuesday for me, so i have no excuse!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

And don't forget to count how many people should come and help wash the car.

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