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Popped My Cherry...

on Sunday, November 1, 2009
NO! NOT LIKE THAT!! I went trick or treating for the first time every haha. It was so much fun. I felt like a little kid again. I dressed up as a hippie. I had this big wig and john lennon glasses. We all went out to my friends neighborhood and somehow we ended up in like a neighborhood 18 min. away but we found or way back and ended up going to their neighbor's house cause they were having a party and we ate there haha. YAY FOR FREE FOOD!

Then we went over to my friends house and we all just hung out. Wow... that sounds so lame. Last year it would have been something like this: "so we went to this party and i had no idea where we were but there was booze so whatever. I had like 10 beer's and then i was throwing up so we left to this other guy's house. I was feeling better but I didnt want to drink anymore so i just smoked weed with some guy in the backyard. He was nice but I dont remember his name or what he looked like. In fact I don't remember there being a guy but there was." haha. That is actually a true story. Kinda blurry on the detail's so I didnt put that many in. I'm a good kid now lol =p

How was your halloween???

I also went shopping yesterday! I got the cutest bag and this amazing coat/jacket. Oh and I got gloves! Fun stuff!!

Still looking for a potential BF. I'll update you as the hunt goes on. =p


Helga Vonlunch-Box said...

Baby Boy...You crack me up...
My poor son didn't get to go
trick or treating this year :(
He had band stuff going on...

Don't go looking for a BF...Just
let it all happen as it should...
Beleive me...The right guy for you
is out there...



teenlifeblogs said...

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