Life & Secrets...

on Thursday, November 12, 2009
Yup. I know a few. Lets start with life though haha. My math test got moved to tomorrow. So did my science test but I dont care about that class because I dont need to it graduate or at all... I just needed to fill that period up and thought it was a fun class but it wasnt. So next semester (2 months or so) im dropping it. Yay for sleeping in an extra hour.

I went to best buy to check out the gift I want to buy myself. Its the Canon EOS 7d. Its a beauty!! Omg how good if felt in my hand. It's going to take me forever to learn how to use it like the pro's but first things first... coming up with the money. I wish there was a fast easy way to make some money. Ok I'm back to reality. lol

Now to the secrets! So I know this kid that is "bi" but he is just gay and scared to come out. Anyway, I knew since the min I meet him. You see he is my best freinds little brother. He is 15 turning 16 soon. I meet him a party my friend was having like a year ago and we were drinking and then I basically called him out as being gay. Now I know what you are thinking "john how could you?!?!?" he was making out with my best friend who was 17, a women, and drunk off her ass at the time and he was 14. I am also going to blame it on the alcohol that I had in my system. Anyways... he denied it and all but I always knew.

So my best friend, his sister, told me like a month ago that he kind of came out to his family. Which is expected because they have the coolest parent. They are so excepting of the gay thing. After all his sister is a lesbian and now they have a gay son so for them to not care at all is HUGE. Anyways, the point is that I'm basically the only other person that knows thats not family and now people are starting to ask questions. He is the PERFECT gay guy. My type of perfect that is. Not noticeable unless you really look. Doesnt dress like a women but has a good sense of style. Not "out there" gay but just enough. Does that make sense?? So today he said something and it sounded sooo gay. He had the gay tone and I had never heard it from him before. So my friend goes: "is he gay?" and I had to cover so I just said I dont know and turned around.

I would never out the kid. Every. My ex-best friend did that to me and I could never forgive her for it so i know the feeling. I just felt bad for the kid because he is going to have to deal with all of this know at SUCH a young age. He is only 15. I guess I came out when I was 15 also but it wasnt on such a big scale like telling my parents and stuff.


Mr. HCI said...

Have you considered coming out to him? If no one outside the family knows, he could probably use a gay friend.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Do you know? That kid - she's het!

I shouldn't have told you , should I?

I mean - it's not the sort of thing you want spreading around is it?

Her parents will go spare, having a het in the house!

What? They already know? They know she's het?


Helga Vonlunch-Box said...

I'm with Mr. HCI...
But I think he may have some
clue about you...He is still
young though...Maybe you should
play things by ear and just chat
him up for now...
What great parents your friend has...
She is very lucky...There was a boy
a couple of years ago who was kicked
out of his house because he was gay...
His moms ex-husband took him in till
he could move in with his grandma...



John Doe said...

hey guys... he knows. lol everyone knows. everyone except my family. they all know =p

John Doe said...

that im gay lol so yes he knows im gay.

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