Q&A POST Part 1: Ask Questions!!

on Monday, November 9, 2009
alright here is how im going to do this. I realize that a lot of the people that follow the blog dont like to leave comments for whatever reason they have. So i thought the best way to get questions was threw google docs!

At the end of this post there will be a link. The page will open and it will have a question box where you can leave any question you want. You can not tell me your name and it's anonymous or you can add "by, NUMEHERE" =p See how that works?? If you want to just leave a comment on the post with a question that's fine also!

So what type of questions can you ask? Any really. If its something I think is to personal the worst thing is I wont answer it. So shoot! I'll tell you know, I wont answer questions asking me where i live, what high school i go to, what my real name is, and stuff like that.

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Anonymous said...

Well John a lot of blogs have done a 65 questionare - check Ryans blog - could be a good start or at least give you some interesting ideas.
Kindest regards Stef.

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