It Doesn't Feel Like A Sunday... But It Is =[

on Sunday, November 15, 2009
My mom has been pretty cool. She only did one little thing that pissed me off and considering we spent the entire day together that is a miracle. My mom, brother, and me all went shopping. Except it was shopping for my little brother (who is a pain in the ass!). So the whole time we went from store to store and spent like 4 hours and he didnt find anything he liked. All he ended up getting was shoes (which where the 6th one's he tried on) and a pair of jeans. My mom is like bi-polar. One min she is nice to me and the next she is evil! I dont even know anymore. For know she is nice but we will see how long that lasts.

Last night a bunch of friends came over and we just sat in the garage, smoked hookah, and chilled. It was fun but I started to realize that this whole mother coming out thing is effecting my social life. Like I'm always in a bad mood and my argument is always: "you just dont understand." This whole month has just been real tough on me. =[

I will do that Q&A post soon. I just have been busy if you haven't noticed lol


afk4life said...
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Anonymous said...

Big steps, really. If your Mom managed four hours shopping with your brother AND you - then she can't be all bad in the 'keeping her temper' stakes.

Given the roller-coaster you've been on it's no surprise that things with friends are strained and you're finding yourself retreating into your shell with them too.

Try not to loose your friends - they could be really useful in supporting you.

John Doe said...

thanks micky! that means a lot =p

Vince Patrick said...

hooka is pointless

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