I Was Going To Do That Q&A Today But...

on Monday, November 16, 2009
I decided to wait till tomorrow for that...

So I was searching and reading a bunch of blogs yesterday and I came accros one that has stories on it about gay teens. I totally forgot to follow it and I don't remember the link or i would post it. Anyways, I was reading one of them and it made me sad. Not like I want to cry because someone died sad. The story was about a 14 (maybe 15?) year old boy and how his best friend tells him that he is gay and in love with him. The kid is like "i'm straight" and then the kid was like "we cant be friends anymore because spending time with you is to hard because i love you" and then the kid like realizes he is gay and they live happily ever after. Well until chapter 2 which i haven't read lol

Now I know my life isn't a book or anything but still. It made me want to feel that love that they had. The feeling I didn't get to have. So yah obviously thats what got me sad. I know, I know! "Lots of people dont have relationships at my age!" Well I still want one... Is it that bad that I want one? I see a bunch of these gay kids happy in relationships and I cant find a normal guy.

I was looking up a few gay groups here where I live and I couldnt find any. The closest thing was a equality group but I already went to their meeting once and they are all a bunch of older people. None of them are my age :/ Also there are 4 gay clubs here. I'm sure you all have heard of them Krave being the "nicest" most "selective" of the 4. Oh yah... I have to be 21 to get in. So there goes that. I want to move to san fran where there are a bunch of gay people that I can meet but I dont see that happening in the near future...

So yes. This is my petty post on november lol I deserve at least one after all this shit that I have been going threw. So spare me this one please!!


Mr. HCI said...

Of course it's not bad to want a relationship at your age!

It's still a bit away but have you thought about checking on whether colleges you're considering are gay friendly? There are websites with that kind of info. I don't know what they are but Jason of the Carwin's Closet blog mentioned checking some (he's a senior, as well).

Hang in there! You never know when or where love might find you.

cvn70 said...


I know its hard to find someone and then the right guy but keep looking because you deserve someone

And i do agree college should bring yuou more oppurtunities

take care and be safe


Anonymous said...

reply to your comment on my blog: No fuckin way, seriously!!!? What did he say!? OMFG!!!
J x

David said...

Don't know what you've done as yet to pick a university, but, one of the things I'd suggest is checking out the web-site for each you're interested in, and finding out what sort of gay-organizations they have on campus...they'll almost always have an email address, as well, so you can get in touch with the students in those organizations.
Being a native San Franciscan (don't live there now, sorry to say), I can tell you that UC Berkeley and San Francisco State are both very gay-friendly (and, my alma maters). But, so are a lot of other universities. And, if you can swing some sort of scholarship, that's even better!

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