on Friday, October 30, 2009
I'm in one of those lazy mood's again where I dont feel like doing anything... So yah, today was Nevada Day! The only reason that sentence deserves a exclamation point is because we get the day off!!

I'm going to start "looking" for a new potential boyfriend. It's always hard to find gay guys at my age so I know it wont be easy. I'm going to see Jake in a week. I'm not that excited about it but whatever. I'm not going to run up to him and hug him or anything. I'm going to his school to watch a show that he is in. He play's a fairy haha, its funny cause he is gay. Anyway we are going to watch the show not because he is in it but because his school came to see our show so its only polite to go and watch theirs.

Tomorrow is halloween and it's the first year I'm ever going trick or treating. My mom never let me go as a kid. Me and my friends are going and then we are going to do other stuff... I would tell you but I have no idea what yet haha!

So yah. I think im going to call up a friend and go shopping with the $100 I saved up. Maybe get a cate bag or something. We will see... BYE!! =p

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