Auditions & Heat! =p

on Saturday, December 12, 2009
Yup! lol Our heating system upstairs wasnt working a month know and the guys came and fixed it today!! Yay for warm nights now! lol I was so busy yesterday that I didnt have time to post a blog! Srry guys!

After all the normal weekday stuff (school....) I came home and held the auditions for my short film! As much as I loved the process it was one of the hardest things I did!! it wouldnt have been so bad if they were not all people that I knew on a personal level but still it was tough. Some of them were AMAZING but didnt fit well with others so they got a role as an extra! Even though they were 10x better actors. It took me around 30 min to decide who got the roles. In the end I'm really happy with the cast and we have our first meeting tomorrow! Im super excited!

I should be writing the essays I have to finish but I rather procrastinate. =[ I have to take my iMac to the apple store because either the graphics card or the display is on the fritz! It sucks!!! The good news is that the Apple store is in a mall so im going to go buy some clothes while im their lol.

So question of the day: Mac or PC?? I'm personally an Apple person myself. =p


AJCon89 said...

Mac most of the time now... but I think they suck as much as PC's do.

They just have a better advertising campaign... lol


F@M3 xx said...

OMG u r a serial procrastinator u! finish the assign or u'll find urself too lazy to do it soon =)

And wow that was a fast audition eh?

BTW im a MAC person =)


Joseph said...

I'm a PC. I have HP built for my needs^_^

I think it's an american thing because I don't know anyone who has a MAC.

Matt. said...

PC all the way. Cos macs are confusing. And they dont have a right mouse button (the laptop ones). And theyre too simple. And they dont have blu-ray. And you cant use word properly without installing a billion stupid programmes to convert stuff. Did i mention how overpirced anything apple is? I mean i love the iphone but it costs them 50£ to manufacture and it sells for over 350... business i guess :P


John Doe said...

AJCon89 they do have an amazing advertising campaign! lol

F@M3 xx i got it done lol =p well the auditions were from 2-3 then it took me 30 min to choose. all in all yah. it was a quick audition lol

Joseph well at least you have a pc you like haha.

Matt. well i would sit here and argue your statements but i have a blog post to right! haha im jk

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