Parents = Stress & Car Accidents!!

on Tuesday, December 15, 2009
My mom has been PMS'ing today. Maybe not literally but she is being a total bitch. I love my mom but I feel like when she is being a bitch I have the right to call her out on it lol. Anyway... my mom hit this technology mid-life crisis type thing. She decided she is taking care of all this stuff that I usually manage. For example: my mom upgraded her iPhone 3G to the new 3GS and my dad got her old 3G because he as the original one. She also fucked it all up but thats besides the point lol. Anyway this all leads to "Hey John! Come here for a second" which a) is way longer then a second and b) happens every 5 seconds when she cant figure it out but wont let me just do it for her.

So then my dad gets stressed so he decides he is going to go to my aunts house to pick up the jelly donuts for Hanukkah and on the way out of the garage he crashes my moms car (a Lexus) into mine (a Nissan Altima)! This leaves a HUGE dent in my mom's car and fucks mine up even more. The damage is crazy!! Why?? Why must my car be the victim?? It has been backed into in a parking lot, egged, keyed, and now hit once more. WTF!! Agh!

On a brighter note I finally got a license for my screenplay! It leaves a few rights to the public. Its under a creative commerce license so it was free and still protects my rights. Pretty cool huh? Tomorrow if the first day of filming for the short film. The teacher I asked to play the "director" dropped and now I have to find a replacement. We will see what happens... Im nervous!!

Im so ready for winter break! Disneyland and Universal Studios!! =p Woo! I have no idea how im going to be able to post here =[ does anyone know of an iPhone app for Blogger? If you do let me know!


F@M3 xx said...

Yeah i heard that biPhone can support blogger so yea but i dont know how to set it yah...

OOOHH! Damn! that has got to leave a lifelong mark on your car! poor you:( but what the heck... that just means daddy's gotta get ya a new car woohoo! :)

xoxo moi

Anonymous said...

torchy! will know!

mikey said...

dude the fact that u wrote a screenplay is soo coool, way more than ive ever dun. man i feel sorry for ur car, what did it do to neone.


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