YAY! Had a good day! =p

on Wednesday, December 2, 2009
To the survey: definitely A! B is hot but not as hot as A and Im glad that people didnt pick B because he was basically naked. =p

So my day was awesome! I got to sleep in and skipped more then half my classes. Then went to school for the last two. One of which is an elective class and is a total joke. Then I went home and played with my new camera! OH YAH! I FORGOT TO TELL YOU GUYS!! I got my camera! My mom surprised me with it. It is a Canon EOS 7d and it is a beauty! =p Anyway, I got some really great shots and then at 5 headed to school to get ready for the show. I got my makeup done and everything! This was my first time acting. I am usually on the technical end of theater. I 99.999% of the time am running the sound. So this was a unique experience for me. It was fun and I had a blast!!

P.s. Did you guys like the survey?? Should I do more of them??? Im thinking about doing a survey every sunday! We could call it "Survey Sunday!" haha.

I finished the rough draft of the screenplay that I am producing and directing. I am holding open auditions next week on friday. We are going to start filming that sunday. It's going to be great! Im really excited to start the directing process. =p

Well im going to bed. Im feeling better. I still have that last bit of sickness you have right before you get healthy. I am really excited for the holidays!! =p


Dzyan said...

Congratulations on your new Cam, hope you get as much juice from it as you can and post some of those pictures. Good luck directing and with those auditions, and even if I didn´t take part in last survey I would like to see more. Also I find acting really fun and have always enjoyed it, eitherways, good to know you´re having a good time.


Matt. said...

can i get a role in ur film plz? And yeah cameras are so cool, when i got mine i spent the whole day walking round the house taking pics of everything :P


Anonymous said...

OMG! A Thespian!

John Doe said...

Yes Micky I am a thespian! you spotted me!! In fact I am on thespian council!! Im the publicist! wow how gay am i?? lol

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