Gay Teen Stories... New Years Resolutions!

on Monday, December 28, 2009
Are any of them true? I've read a ton on these blogs. The whole a kid happens to bump into another and they both end up finding out they are gay and hook up and have amazing sex and then fall in love. Yah... ok. Oh but hot I wish that happened to me lol I'll even skip the sex part and just go ahead and fall in love and then have sex. I'm fine with that. lol

I have come to realize that this blog is basically a trap. For example: anyone that knows me will know this is my blog. If I talk about going to a bar mitzvah and I live in vegas and then my cousin reads this she will know its me. How many people do the same things as I do? So from now on I'm not hiding my identity. Well... yes I am. lol I'm just not going to pretend that this is not my blog. If someone finds it then I'll be fine with informing them that it is indeed mine.

So off to my New Years Resolutions:

1. Go to the gym at least once a week for an hour and a half.
2. Make new best friends to make new memories!
3. Find love.
4. Graduate High School!
5. Get all A's second semester (i didnt this one :/ stupid english class!)
6. Build 3 AMAZING websites. Work on 4 AMAZING Graphic projects.
7. Take a road trip to San Francisco and attend the Gay Pride parade.
8. Make tons of youtube videos and gain 1,000 subscribers. (aka get a new hobby lol)
9. Get a job where I can grow and move up the ladder.
10. Make a difference in someone's life threw this blog by showing them that being gay and happy is possible.

P.s. the heating upstairs in broken =[ it is currently 65 degrees in my room! IM FREEZING!!


Planetx_123 said...

I like your resolutions-- but #9? at 17? I wouldn't be too worried about moving up the ladder in a HS job. Are you planning on going to college? If not, I would highly recommend it :-)

I especially love #2-- all we have is our stories and our memories.

I'm not sure what a rode trip is, but if you mean a ROAD trip (I guess I see why you didn't make a A in english :p), then that's awesome-- I have yet to go to a pride parade, and I'm 26! But I am determined to go this year... if my city even has one...

I think #10 will be a gimme :-)


John Doe said...

@Planetx_123 thanks, fixed that typo lol (yes i actually laughed when i read your comment!) As for college I am definitely going. I meant working at a business where I could eventually become a manager and not being stuck working at a taco bell lol Also half of 2010 will be out of HS so it wont be a HS job for long lol

Planetx_123 said...

I see-- yes in HS my second job was at a movie theatre, and I was able to become a manager. In doing all that it gave me a lot of opportunity to do stuff for the company that applied to the school work I was doing in college (software development). I eventually only did IT stuff, and even though I've since gotten a 'real' job- I still do part time stuff for them when i can and its a 20k/yr extra income. So the moral of the story is-- your totally right: having a job that at least has some possibility of moving up is useful just for the experience-- and who knows it could turn out in your favor in unexpected ways--as mine did.


Mr. HCI said...

Good resolutions!

I have, however, one to add:

11. Learn how to spell.

Please, don't take that as an insult. My best friend when I was younger was incredibly smart but an atrocious speller. I used to correct his papers for him during lunch, in fact. The point is, though, some of your resolutions will be difficult to achieve if you spell in real life like you do here.

Resolution #3 is my favorite. One thing, though: rather than trying to find love, I think it's best to put yourself out there (get involved with gay schoool, volunteer and/or social groups) and go from there. Don't ever expect to find Mr. Right at a gay bar, either.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm gay and I'm almost happy ;-) I need one thing to be happy - to move somewhere far away from home, from my parents... I would like to live in Greece among people with scandinavian mentality. ;D Louis.

John Doe said...

@Mr. HCI yah... i know that my spelling sucks but what can i say? i'll work on it. this blog will definitely be a good tool also.

@Louis haha well glad that you are almost happy.

andy89 said...

Can I be your #10 or #3 :x

John Doe said...

@andy89 for sure =p


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