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on Monday, December 14, 2009
I forgot to post yesterday. Well forgot is an understatement. I was so busy that I spaced out completely. You see I had to drive down to the apple store that like like 20 min away at 11am because my iMac's display is having a bit of trouble being nice to me. While I was there I picked out an outfit for my cousin's bar mitzvah at Express. Then I drove home and got there right in time for the meeting at 1pm for my short film.

The meeting went really well. We went over a lot of character development stuff. I had a lot to say and a lot to talk about but I really want this project to go well! We went over all the info stuff like the schedule, when we are filming each scenes, what to wear, and all that fun stuff. The meeting ended at around 3pm. Then I had a couple hours where I worked on hw and projects. After that the family headed to a family friends house for a Hanukkah dinner/party thing. It was fun overall.

Today was nothing special either. Just a boring monday. It's spirit week at our school but its still a boring week! I really am just bored of school lol. 4 days till winter break. Well im missing friday so I guess 3 for me =p Tomorrow im getting a hair cut and then Wednesday is the first, and the longest, day of filming! Im really really excited!! =p

Well I guess I should go to sleep now... I have school tomorrow. =[ lol


Octavius said...

Good luck with your film..., or is it "Break a leg"?

Well anyways, you get the point...

Courage and Honour!


Dzyan said...

Good luck with the filming, sounds like a lot of work, but nothing that´s not worth the effort, hang in there for a little longer, last stretch and take care.


F@M3 xx said...

cant wait for the film to be done..:)
gna post it on youtube?
xoxo moi

Anonymous said...

You'll be brilliant!

John Doe said...

Octavius haha thats a good question. i know break a leg is for theatre but is it for film? hmm lol haha well whatever it is, thank you =p

Dzyan haha definitely will be worth it when its done!

F@M3 xx I cant wait either!! i havent decided if im going to post it on youtube or not. if i dont go to state with it (state is after you get a 10 at regionals) then I will. If I am still continuing with it on to state then not yet. If I get a 10 at state and continue I get to go to nationals. So whenever the competition is over I will post it on youtube. haha

Micky awe! thanks micky! =p

Anonymous said...

"Blah, blah, blah?" You are using part of my nickname with out asking me. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Hahahahaha

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