Tis' The Season To Find Love?!

on Thursday, December 10, 2009
It looks like im going to find love soon! haha I put on a wishlet a while ago and the first bead fell off today! If you dont know what that means let me explain: A wishlet is a bracelet that you put on and make a wish, in my case it was to find true love. When that wishlet falls off your wish will come true!

So yah... today was not the best. I think I did really bad at my math test. I found out my one act isnt going to regionals! Oh and to top it all off my friends are still acting weird! Fuck I hate writing about bad shit because it makes it seem like im complaining. Which I really dont want to do because I dont like too complain! So lets move on...

I'm finding an absence of hot guys! Nothing to lust over. Which a) makes me 10 times hornier and b) makes me wonder: if i cant find a hot guy how will i find a hot GAY guy haha

I forgot to write about this yesterday but this girl in my government class is always saying how she likes my clothes. She comments every day. So yesterday she finally turnes to me and with a really flirty tone goes: "You know you always have the cutest jackets!" This time, bored of the usual "thank you", I decided to go with: "yah! I guess it comes with being gay!" She goes: "oh..." and turns around! The look on her face was priceless! Did I mention that today she sat on the other side of the room also? oh I love being out of the closet! haha

AGH! my laptop is about to die and im no were near a my charger so I have to say bye! Quick question: Have you ever been hit on by a hot girl and totally shot her down? lol BYE!!


Matt. said...

meh christmas is the perfect time to complain :P And lol at that girl :P And hmm not really cos im bi :P But the biggest pisstake was a girl that spent like a whole day with me and only then told me she had a bf :P x

F@M3 xx said...

lol, hey, firstly Maths is soo hard and i friggin hate it too :)

secondly.. no i have never been hit on by a hot girl but haha hope i'd experience it sumday... and if it does happen i might answer that im a lesbian and see her reaction to THAt!

grt blog btw.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your laptop is dying. Don't worry, you will prolly make many many boys & girls happy after a while

John Doe said...

Matt: that sucks! im sorry! that happened to me with a guy.

F@M3 xx thanks, and hope that happens! =p

Joey haha thanks!

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