Photography & Friends!

on Thursday, December 3, 2009
That was what my day was filled with! I decided to take my wonderful camera outside right when the sun just starts to go down. To get that glow effect. I was a little late but the pictures turned out wonderful. Then I headed to the school for the show to take some "action" shots. Those turned out outstanding! I then proceeded to come home are tweek the rough draft of my screen play! Tomorrow im showing it to a few people, like my english teacher, for some advice! Im very excited to hear the feedback!

Evan though my one act didn't go tonight (there are 6 one acts that alternate between yesterday and today. mine went yesterday) it was still a great show! We are going out to dinner tomorrow night to celebrate!

Im so tired and its sooo late. No matter how busy my day is I try to post daily so even if that means posting at 11:35pm thats what im going to do! lol Sunday Survey is now official! The first Sunday Survey will be this sunday so check back and make sure to vote!!! =p Well im going to bed now. I am super tired and had a very long day and another one ahead of me. Tomorrow we preform the one acts during school to the english classes. =p I get to miss 3rd, 4th, and 5th period so its going to be a easy day. =p Good night guys (or good morning depending when your reading this lol)


Anonymous said...

Yay! Fantastic news about the camera. Big hugs for Mum!

Sounds like you're having a ball!

mikey said...

hey i forgot to post to tell u good luck. hope they went well.


John Doe said...

Micky, YES!! HUGE HUGS! lol I think she still feels bad about the whole gay stunt she pulled so she is making up for it by buying me stuff and being really nice. Its working lol

Mikey, haha you both have the same name but its spelled different. Ironic? yup. lol It went pretty well =p

Anonymous said...

Gratz on getting a camera...

Try for a place to host the pictures you take.

John Doe said...

Slugger Mike 15 thank you very much =p i made a flickr and i would share it but it has all my actual info and well my blog isnt out of the closet yet lol

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