Survey Sunday: Celebrity Edition! =p

on Sunday, December 6, 2009
Thats right!! Its here and its: THE FIST OFFICIAL SURVEY SUNDAY!!(sorry i posted it so late. I thought i hit post but i hit save instead!! Sorry!!)

Who is hotter?
A: Zac Efron

B: Taylor Lautner

C: Adam Lambert


Planetx_123 said...

OMG Its Taylor Lautnar!!!!!

I forgot what the question was...? Oh yea-- def Taylor Lautner. I don't think Adam Lambert is hot at all. I dont know why that is...


Mr. HCI said...


hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha . . . yeah, right

The one in the middle is the correct answer.

Oliver said...

very close call between A and B though...
but C is ugly

Helga Vonlunch-Box said...

ADAM!!!!! Oh yeah...I really like



ps. sorry its been a while...things are
crazy around son just got his
drivers license and has been going every
place and it has me worrying...

mikey said...

yea b big time. hey this is fun. sounds like u had a decent weekend, thats cool bud


John Doe said...

Planetx_123 he is only on there because some of my friends think he is hot... i agree with you though ;)

Mr. HCI haha you made me lol

Oliver hell yah! A and B is hard to choose from.

Helga Vonlunch-Box its all good! sorry to hear about your worrying. I got my license 2 years ago and im sure my mom was going threw the same thing. p.s. if you ever suspect your sun is hiding weed it would be in the trunk under all the fabric where they keep the spare! haha

mikey haha glad its fun for you! =p thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

A toss up between Taylor and Zac. I like them both when they were younger with less body hair.

Octavius said...

B..., all the way baby!!!


John Doe said...

Wet Kyle they were cute when they were younger but now they are HOT lol

Octavius agreed ;)

AJCon89 said...

B FTW!!!

and yeah... lambert is sooo not in the same league

John Doe said...

AJCon89 haha glad to know we have the same taste! =p

F@M3 xx said...

haha guy B. no question. Guy a is just not my type and Guy c is too goth! haah but he is sorta cute tho.

lool Out with Zac IN with Taylor!!!


John Doe said...

F@M3 xx i totally agree!! taylor is the new zac!

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