It's Christmas Eve!! Oh & Really Hot Guy lol

on Thursday, December 24, 2009
Why do I even care? Im sitting home alone and I am not even christian lol I just get excited during the holiday season. I cant help it. lol

Anyway im still a bit sick. Im getting better slowly. Today was the first part of my cousins bar mitzvah. It was the torah reading. It was ealry in the morning and there was a bunch of family there. It was so overwhelming. My other cousin who is a year younger then I am (she is the sister to the guy that is getting bar mitzvah'd) has this really hot friend that came into town. He lived in New York. He is straight and all but still. Im allowed to say he is hot right? lol

So i have nothing to do tonight. I noticed just now how I dont talk about hanging out with friends much. I'll start blogging more about that. Today all my friends are with family and me, the Jew, has nothing to do so he is stuck watching lifetime movies at home lol I thought my cousin (the older one with the hot friend) were going to do something but I never got a call so I'm watching some christmas lifetime movie!

So I have been wondering about first loves. When was yours?? How old were you? How long was your relationship. I really want to fall in love. I think im ready but hey... im letting nature take its course lol


hummyb said...

i know how you feel about the not-being-a-christian and still getting excited about the holidays!!

Kieren said...

Well there's first loves and eventually finding true love im only 13 so not quite there yet. But i suppose mine was well i wouldnt call it love maybe attraction to this girl called emily in like year 3 i dont know what you americans call that but i suppose i didnt really understand what love was back then. But my first proper relationship wasnt till year 7 and i dont even know that i really loved her then. It does make me think that i migt be gay but i will see what life brings and will know eventually once and for all eh! Merry Christmas by the way even though it's techincally over!

Anonymous said...

Mine is Nick. And we were 12/13. I miss him so much. But I think he will be back for this summer.

I hope that you get someone soon, dude.


Kieren said...

Actually now you mention it going back to my post earlier i suppose there ws someone but it wasnt really love and i wont say their name just in case they read this but it really wasnt love. Also i really hope that you find someone and im sure that you will do eventually :) Keep Smilin

John Doe said...

@hummyb im glad im not alone lol

@Kieren love is a very strong word in itself. i think falling in love is true love. if you fall into fake love then your are not actually in love. lol did that make sense? haha

@Joey awe! that is really great that you found someone at such a young age. I could only wish that I knew someone that was gay at my age lol

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