OMG! Its Been Forever!!!

on Sunday, December 20, 2009
Yikes! I just got back from California and noticed that I haven't posted a log in the longest time!! This is crazy! I usually post ever day!!! I will make up for it soon. Promise!

So I just got back from this awesome vacation! I went to Disneyland and Universal Studios. I had a blast! Universal is like my second home but it never gets old. I go there all the time. Disneyland we go to every 2 years so its always fun and enjoyable! Let me mention that there were NO cute boys at either of these parks!! Where are all the cute guys?!?! haha

The day before we left we had family come to town (which is really why we went on the trip lol). It was also the first day of filming! Obviously it came with trouble. The teacher I asked to play the director(yes there is a role of a director) in the last min. got sick and canceled so we had to skip filming for that scene until after winter break! We filmed only one scene that day instead of 2 and that put me behind schedule! Then at disneyland the next day I get a text from a friend that said that the teacher wants to completely drop the role because of this drama she has with the theater teacher. So now I have no one playing the "director"! Fun stuff right? I didnt worry about it to much because I was at Disneyland but now im starting to get a little but worried! Yikes!!

Well there is a lot I can go on about but I dont want to overwhelm you with information so ill spread it out threw out the next couple days. Sunday Survey will not be posted this week =[ Sorry I just got home and I havent "searched" around for pics!! I feel so bad about missing 5 days!! I'll find a way to make it up to all of you guys!!

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