on Monday, December 7, 2009
First thing first: my choice for the sunday survey is: B. A is a VERY close second. Adam was only on there because: a) he is gay b)lots of my friends think he is hot c)i was spacing out for a third person lol

So one of my friends jut got out of a relationship. She was dumped by her boyfriend that was "bored" of having a relationship. She has been having a horrible week and this didnt help at all. I felt really bad. Then my other friend is no dating the "gay" guy. The one i wrote about who is totally gay but wont admit it. So now im wondering... what does a relationship mean to you? To me its someone that you know you can love, trust, and tell all your secrets to. A relationship is with someone that after you see that person you cant stop smiling for hours.

Well I just got called in to do a stupid stupid tech thing for my school. It starts in 15 min and the person just ran out of gas and cant get to school on time so I have to cover... gosh i dont want to do this. im way to nice of a person lol So sorry but this post has to be cut short!

Again if you want to trade links email me: BYE!! =p


F@M3 xx said...

a relationship is something that binds two eternal souls for a short period of time.

haha thats just my opinion john doe :)

btw great blog topic!

Louis said...

I've just found this blog today.
You sound like my doppelganger. =)


cvn70 said...


How are things going. I think a relationship is a varied thing but if you asking about a commited relationship then yes it should be someone who cares about you enough to ignore the rest of the world

take care and be safe


John Doe said...

F@M3 xx that was very poetic =p

Louis haha i have NO idea what that is but thank you? lol hope you enjoy the blog!!

cvn70 its been pretty good! i like how you put that =p

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