Life Is Weird Right Now...

on Wednesday, December 9, 2009
I dont know how to explain it all but it is. My friends are bugging. People are really depressed and my sex life is well... non existent at the moment haha. No but really! I swear something is going around. All my friends are totally acting weird. Like they are judging me or that im annoying them. Which is super fucked up right? anyways... I just wanted to get that off my chest. We can act like none of that happened for now...

I have so much stuff I want to share with you guys! Like my photography and my short film but it all would link back to who I am. So its tough balancing it all. I think im going to go take some shots on Saturday evening and I will post some pics here and not show them to anyone else.

My short film is coming along. I did the schedule today and it looks like I have a total of 5 days of filming which seems like nothing but it might just work out. The film has to be 5 min max so it will have to do. Im going out of town next weekend so that is why I have no time. I also am balancing having a bar mitzvah to go to and family members coming into town. So yah... busy, busy, busy. I do have the screenplay almost done. Im going to post it under a CC license so that people can use it if they would like. =p Like I said I cant post it here because it has my real name and contact info on it. I'll most likely just make a post where ill make it into a story and post it. We will see...

Im so ready for winter break!! One more fucking week!! Im going to disneyland and universal studios during winter break! Im super excited! =p

Well, goodnight! Sorry this post was so boring... I'll make up for it ;)


cvn70 said...


Im so ready for a break also. I hope your film comes out well

take care and be safe


Anonymous said...

People do go through weird times when all around seem to behaving oddly - so don't worry too much.

It may well have something to do with how busy you are just now.

Maybe try to find a little time to chill out with some friends might help restore some normality there.

F@M3 xx said...

haha it wasnt boring dude! it was just the usual..
Oh and yea gud luck with the film yah?
And yea disneyland looks cool.. hope u have fun dude!

Matt. said...

filming is the hardest thing ever. I dunno if uve ever done it, or directed a short film but its hetic. I had a thing where u make a film thats just like 12 shots or something up to 2 minutes (first time ever ^^) and i was meant to be the 'director'... Wow, everyone just does everything wrong, its so hard to get them to see your picture :P Can be furstrating at the time, but its worth it in the end :P Thats why i like photography better tbh:P x

John Doe said...

cvn70 thanks =p ill post more about it soon!

Micky yah i guess you are right! I have been pretty busy lately. thansk for the advice =p

F@M3 xx thanks for the good luck =p

Matt. I have never directed. I have filmed many a times but this is the first time i have directed. I know its going to be frustrating but i have the passion and the urge to do it so im really excited! Im having auditions tomorrow!! lol

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