69! (OMG! DID HE MEAN LIKE 69, 69?!?!?)

on Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Well maybe. It depends on what you thought that 69 was. It stand for all of you AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL friends that I have that follow my blog! You guys are the reason that I love this place. I want to dedicate this post to you! =p I appreciate you guys more then you will ever know (or maybe you do know!).

First of all I want to thank You Tube Boys because they lined me on their blog and I had no idea!! So I will link back for sure! I also really love the site because they post video's of boys around my age(and sometimes younger) that post their coming out story and how videos about being gay.

So today I did a lot. I took my finals this morning and I had to wake up extra early because on finals week school starts at 7am (im a senior I start at 9 normally). My first final was in math 96 (which is also a college credit class) and I got a A on that final. Only missed 4 problems and no calculators were involved. Im a smart cookie! Then I had my English Lit final and I did pretty well on the exam part. Im not sure what I got yet but ill let you all know. We had to do an essay (which is worth more then the exam) and mine was so legit! It was the best paper I have ever written so im really exited to see what I got on it. =p So overall good testing day!

Then I went to BWW (buffalo wild wings) which is my favorite place to eat, EVER! I got some food and then head home for a couple hours. After those couple hours my friends came over and we worked on a movie trailer for a book that they had to do for their english class. It was fun because I basically did all the editing got to be in it. It turned out fucking EPIC! Its really really good. I hope I dont sound conceded im just really happy with the way it turned out lol.

Then I came on here and found out I have 69 fucking followers. Well they arnt fucking but you get what I mean. Im sure some of them arnt sexually active. Not that they couldn't be. It would be their choice. Ok. Im going to shut up know.<33>

I JUST GOT A MSN THING SO ADD ME AND LETS TALK: sinceyoufoundout@gmail.com

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