You Have A Big Dick... Thats Why I Looked!

on Wednesday, January 6, 2010
It's and owl city song. Owl City always makes me feel better about life in general.

Anyway... you know how people talk in high school. One person says something and then another and then you hear about it. Its just a big huge circle of broken secrets. Anyway there is this guy that, in my opinion, is a 7. He isnt HOT or cute he is just ok but something about him makes him above average in the looks department. He dated the "school slut" that was in our click a year ago and she happened to be drunk and telling everyone how big of a dick he had.

Which is crazy because I would never have imagined him to have a big dick. Well what does that matter right? I dont know why it does but ever time I see him I think about how he has a big dick and that makes him more attractive everyday. I keep sneaking looks here and there and its kinda getting obvious. He is straight (story of my life) and has a girlfriend. If he was single I would have made then whole "its not gay to get a blowjob" excuse and hookup with him like the jock i spoke about. It's amazing what straight horny guys will do to get off these days lol Then again it would be pretty awkward seeing him around and I see him around a lot.

Also im getting sick of labels. Im sick of the whole "theater kids" and "gay" kind of labels. Its starting to really piss me off. Yah sure im gay but I dont need to dress in drag and have a lisp. Im not a theater kid either. Just because I run the sound and know how to build a set does not make it ok to call me a theater kid. Im so sick of that. We are all different and all these labels are doing are enforcing stereotypes.

On that note. I want summer to come already. =p


Octavius said...

Hmmm..., you raise an interesting point there chap. Maybe i'll try that..., though my friends aren' hony high school boys..., mores the pitty... ha ha ha ha ha!

Oh well..., yes I agree, labels are pointless, it is just societies backward way7 of searching for order in the chaos. Don't be alarmed..., it will never change, just try to work around it.

Courage and Honour!


Matt. said...

Haha thats a funny story. If he had a small dick would you still like him? :P


Mr. HCI said...

When I got the letter announcing my 10 year high school reunion, the person who wrote it mentioned various groups/cliques/whatever, among them the "band fags" and "drama queers." I was not amused. I also stayed home. Fuck that.

John Doe said...

@Octavius haha sorry then I cant help you there lol i know labels wont change but ranting is a fun way to get my anger out.

@Matt probably not. if anything its just a sexual attraction now so if there is nothing there then i guess no haha

@Mr. HCI wow. that would piss me off. that is a douche bag move in their part. how did yo put it? fuck that. lol

Anonymous said...

hci... maybe it was to scare them off?

Anonymous said...

big dick obsession is i think biologically based. females of most species r hardwired to select a strong mate in order to have their offspring thrive and survive, i.e. fittest may = biggest. size matters. the biggest caveman was likely th strongest and in simple terms the bigger the caveman the bigger th dick more or less th same as the bigger the cavewoman the bigger the tits. males compete for mates and since the basic guiding instinct is bigger is better all little males want to be/have the biggest. now add cultural norms that have evolved and are now reinforced and universalized by good porn. a porn company that targets the small dick market or niche is not likely to thrive. so a preference for and/or interest in big dicks may be hard wired and learned behavior. education may ostensibly lesses the facination for big, but the influence. What 6 inch guy would not rather be 7?

maybe knowing how to run a sound board and build a set is an emerging subest: techno homo? the labels r shrotcuts for making catagories. That desire for catagories is what the brain does automatically. order out of chaos... patterns that explain things and maybe make sense. remember sesame street? how r these things the same and how are they different? which one fits with the others and which one does not belong? knowinwg who the gay kids r, be it drama queens, band fags, or w/e simplifies looking for a mate. maybe the labels help reassure the str8 boy who has finally noticed girls? or.. OMG... maybe the labels help the gay boy narrow down the field too? now gay hockey kid in mn is a trailblazer cuz HE is "promoting" the gay jock label. that is not a c riticism btw. it is a good site. seen times r a changing!

Steevo said...

th above comment is mine. for some odd reason i was not able to post it as myself! i was unable to paste into the comment box.



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