ITS THE CLIMB!!!!!! (3 Gays In Seclusion...)

on Friday, January 29, 2010
No... I'm not listing to Miley Cyrus. I went out with lesbian to Red Rock Canyon. =p It was so much fun. We had a blast and her little brother came with. He is 15 and he's also gay. So it was basically 3 gay peeps up in the mountains. Fun stuff right? haha.

Anyways. My mom is still being a total douche. Im not saying that as the annoying immature teen that wants "space." Im saying it as the mature 18 year old (IN ONE MONTH!) that just cant stand the fact that his mother is treating him like shit because she is depressed and in pain. She really is just throwing all the anger my way. Just taking it all out on me.

Im going out with friends tomorrow to see a show. My short film is in its final stages. I would call it a rough final draft. Im going to ask people to watch it. I want to find people that have no bias though. People that dont know me. Im sorry guys you pretty much know me lol So im not going to post it here... I would but it has my real name and my friends names and thats not something i just going to put out on the internet.

Im in much better of a mood and I really really really appreciate all the nice comment you guys made with the advice! It means more then anyone would ever know. You comments really do help me make the right choices sometimes and for that I owe you =p

P.s. i only used the smiley face once in this post. im in rehabs from smiley if you will! haha


Sam said...

Man! You're so wrong first of all!!!
You used the smiley face twice! (find the first one in the first line lol) kidding, eh?

Anyway, I love "It's the Climb". Don't you? lol
I am glad u had a good time yesterday.. hope the show is fun too!

Enjoy your weekend and take care of yourself!

Matt. said...

lol our mums should have a group therapy session together, looks like theyve both got the same problem :/ Only my mum always moans about me to my dad and hes just crazy lol :/


Anonymous said...

I don't know you ;D I would like to see it. ;-) Send me by email, please. ;-)

Jimmy said...

John Doe's not yer real name? Wtf!

Glad to see yer in a better frame. Just go with the flow, Doe...

John Doe said...

@Sam oops... my bad. lol

@Matt: im sure my mom would benefit from that lol

@Louis you probably know me more then a lot of people... haha jk.

@Jimmy it can be my real name if you want it to be lol

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