iSick so iStayed home so iWatched the event for the iPad.

on Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Don't get me wrong. I LOVE apple. They really do revolutionize products and make competition play catch up. I'm typing on my Macbook Air right now while my iPhone is sitting by my side. So yes I'm an apple fan. The iPad disappointed me though. No flash on the web. Why?? Thats not even the worst. The worst is the fact that there is no multitasking. That really makes me angry. Why cant I have my twitter app open why I read my e-mail? Why cant I listen to pandora while im writing a essay on pages?

That said there are a few things that I really liked about the tablet. First is iBooks. This is something that I think is amazing. A whole book reader/store on an amazing sized screen. The whole design of it makes reading books feel more like... books. I liked that aspect. Another really cool thing they did was add iWork apps. For only $10 each! The apps (pages, keynote, and numbers) are really nicely built. They have all the functions you have in the regular app in a nice touch screen user interface. Very nicely done. Last is the pricing for the 3G. It has no contract and is only $30 for unlimited usage. That is 50% less then all the other laptop data plans.

I realize this is what you really wanted to read here but hey. This blog is about me and what's on my mind and you happened to fall into the hands of a apple lover. Sorry... Tomorrows post will make up for it. Promise =p


cvn70 said...


I read the apple thingy on the net and it seems you have captured its weaknesses and strenghts fairly well. Im not sure i would buy one but i know there are a lotof apple fans just waiting for one

I hope you arefeeling better, take care and be safe


Jake said...

I have tried to keep up on most of the coverage on, but gave up until tomorrow when the facts will all be straight. It does have quite a few weaknesses, you're right.

To me it seems nothing more than a glorified Ipod touch and an inflated price tag. However, I've wanted to buy a touch for quite awhile, but couldn't justify that you can only use it within distance of WiFi.

Now, with cheap 3g access I can use it everywhere and even use it in place of a kindle - which I've also wanted to buy. Do you know how many books they will have?

John Doe said...

@cvn70: yah i thought i would be one those but right now im going to wait until apple at least comments on the lack of multi-tasking before i even make a decision. oh and thanks for the feel better cmnt! =p

@Jake: well. they have partnered with the top 5 publishers so im guessing lots and lots lol I also really wanted a kindle so that was a big plus for me. The store and all is just a great idea on apples part.

Anonymous said...

The best thing about it is that its not Micro$oft. I have two mac laptops. My mp3 player is a Sansa. I don't think I'll buy one. Not right away anyway.

John Doe said...

@Wet Kyle: agreed. i have the iPhone and the fact that the iPad doesnt really do much more then my iPhone can do other then have a bigger screen isnt much of a purpose to go and throw out $629 on it.

Jimmy said...

I'm with ya on the Apple cart!

Once you've had Mac - you can never go back!


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