Im Going To Explode!!

on Saturday, January 2, 2010
Im so full!! I just went to this really nice restaurant with my family where they serve you like they do in brazil. If you dont know what that means let me explain: they bring meats to you NONSTOP! Literally nonstop. They have servers coming around with like 20 different meats and they just keep putting more and more and more. It was so good though. I ate so much.

Other then that I didnt do much today. Just sat home and watched TV. My cousin and friend (the one with the stupid secret that was a lie) are coming over soon. They were also at the dinner. We are going to just chill at my house for a while.

I added an icon to my blogger profile. Its about time I know... I just couldn't think of anyone I liked and then I just cropped a picture I took of myself a couple months ago and put it up. I also added reactions! So dont forget to check the reactions you had to this post! lol

Im going to a gay bar soon. Maybe this friday or next. My friend knows of one that doesnt card on fridays and well... im hot enough to get in lol (that was sarcasm people! Im not that conceded haha) Im trying to put myself out there as a gay guy because lord knows there are NONE at my school that are boyfriend material and thats basically where I have been looking.

Also... I tend not to talk about my sexual urges on this blog but lets just try it out lol I've been really horny lately. As you know I stopped hooking up and I want to just wait till I find a boyfriend. So yah... i have been really really horny. I guess that comes with being a teenage boy right?

Tomorrow will be another Survey Sunday so check back for that. Sorry this post sucked. Like I said I didn't do much today but eat & watch TV.


Anonymous said...

Yes, that comes with being a teenage boy. ;-)

Confused Yet Honest said...

it comes with being a teenage boy and also with the fact that you have more time to think about it at the moment lol
I am going through the same, I guess it's coz I am on Holidays, away from my high school (which by the way makes us work like animals)

John Doe said...

@Louis: thanks for the health ed. lesson haha

@Confused Yet Honest yup. same here. school starts tomorrow though =[

Anonymous said...

that restaurant wouldn't happen to be ipanema in downtown seattle across from the seattle art museum, would it? i loooove that place! and they have hot waitors lol

John Doe said...

@Anonymous actually nope but its the same restaurant just with a different name and its in vegas lol but mine didnt have hot waiters =[ haha but i love it there 2!

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