Filming & Editing.

on Saturday, January 16, 2010
Yah thats basically what I did. I finished filming my short film and did some editing. I got so much done its amazing. The only problem is that I have to cut it done because its longer then I'm aloud to have it. Which really sucks because the cut is amazing the way it is.

I have to make this short though because I spent the night on MSN and now im super tired and need some rest. I'll make it up to you tomorrow with the SURVEY SUNDAY post!! Wooo! Who is excited??

I'm thinking if starting a twitter. I have a personal one and i love using it and I guess it would be a nice think to have so you guys know whats going on and we can communicate. Also im thinking about doing a chat thing. A certain day/time when I'll be on MSN and we can all talk together. Kind of like Ustream thing but without the video lol Who would be up for that??

Anyways ill talk to you guys latter. Add me on msn =p


Anonymous said...

Here, nobody uses MSN. :P We use Skype to talk to each other ;-)

Anonymous said...

beg to differ, lots of guys use windows live which includes msn and other portals. Skype isw cool if you dont mind all their software installing itself in your machine. its all good

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