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on Friday, January 22, 2010
Sooooooooooooooo (warning. sarcastic and humorous post coming your way). Its sadies tomorrow. Which means the girls ask the guys to the dance. Which means im not going with anyone. Mostly because I dont like girls. They have vaginas and those gross me out. Not to mention that, compared to guys, they give horrible head. Anyways. Me and a couple couples (oh now thats funny!) are going to an undisclosed location and then to crab a bite to eat. Im not the only one going by myself. Lesbian is going as well so thats going to be nice. We arent going to go to the actual dance because its like $30 and they always suck. This is where living in las vegas, and the strip, come in handy. We make an awesome night out of it all while tourists look at us crazy for being such a big group of people all dressed similar. Its going to be a fun night =p

My film is actually coming together pretty well. I worked on it for 24 hours now. Not straight (no pun intended). I still have a bunch to do but its much farther then it was a week ago. The whole perfectionist thing is a curse but its also a good tool. I find myself wanted to take more time and more time out of my day to go and work on it. Over and over again. Its my baby. I must admit. It is pretty cute. It has my eyes and everything. =p

I just noted I ended both those paragraph's with a smily face. I didnt do that on purpose but this one was: =p

Anyways... I would tell you all this shit but my fingers hurt from editing all night. HOLY SHIT ITS 10pm!!! WTF! I was going to go out to a party. I thought it was only like 8:30. Wow. Well there goes my friday night... Oh well. Tomorrow will hopefully make up for it. If not then there is one every weekend so its not that big of a deal. Still kinda mad at myself...

I guess I'm going to go log onto MSN and see if anyone wants to chat. PEACE OUT HOMIES =p


Anonymous said...

Shall we see your baby? ;-)

Sam said...

Hey Buddy!
Your post did make me smile (especially the first part lol) and I really needed to cheer a bit thanks.

Man, are you addicted to using the smiley with his tongue out? me, I am addicted to lol which I often use without having laughed or even smiled.

Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

you said: - "Anyways... I would tell you all this shit but my fingers hurt from editing all night."

so yeah, it hurts to be in love.........with your work! =p

tom said...

just stopped by to check on you. you're doing

great. spread the great canhelp lots of scared kids.

tom in winter park

Jason Carwin said...

Have fun tonight! My friends and I never go to the school dances because they are lame. However, we do go to Homecoming, Formal, and Prom. Usually those are at cool locations, which makes them more interesting. We've had them on the Queen Mary, and the Peterson Automotive Museum (which is where Notorious BIG was before getting shot. He was at a VIBE party).

John Doe said...

@Louis: maybe... i have to figure a few things out before i cant say. =p

@Sam: glad i could cheer you up! =p

@ceepeeca: haha oh yes... yes it does.

@tom: trying my best to do just that! =p

@Jason Carwin: Yah we dont really go to the dances. Just homecoming and prom. We dont really have cool places like yours though... I guess your school is better then mine haha.

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