I Hugged A Trani! =p

on Sunday, January 31, 2010
Well... not a real one... I went and saw this high school's musical. I'm not sure if you know of it. Its not that big of a deal in the gay world. Its called RENT! Yah! A high school version of rent. It was great. The only thing they took out was the word fuck and the gays didnt kiss. There was tons of sexual interaction though so not bad.

The show was AMAZING. I never thought a high school could pull off what they did. It really was a great performance. The guy that plays Angel (the trani in question) was really nice. I went up to hi after the show and told him how good of a job he did and he gave me a hug. He seemed like someone I could totally be good friends with lol

Other then that there wasnt many guys that I found attractive there. Whatever... I know that Jake (the douche that fucked me over) went yesterday (friday). P.s. By the time I post this it will be sunday because its fast midnight. Im still righting it as if it was Saturday...

Look for the sunday survey tomorrow(aka latter today according to blogger)! There is going to be some really cute guys t choose from!! =p

I'll also get to the comments and e-mail tomorrow (later today).


Anonymous said...

RENT! Wow, pretty daring for a high school to attempt that, even with toning down the words and stuff. I saw the actually Broadway play, and it was fantastic, so full marks to any school troupe who does that. Got the soundtrack CD to that, play it to death!

John Doe said...

@ceepeeca there were so many LGBT there. It was crazy. They really did push the limits and it was great.

Anonymous said...

Cool. Rent itself is a story of the street and alternate peeps in New York City, including trannies, gay men and women, str8 and curious folk and just everyone. It speaks to the stuff in us all.

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