Finals & Bull Shit.

on Tuesday, January 12, 2010
I got to sleep in today because I don't have a first period and we took 1st and 2nd period finals today. I got to school at 9 and left at 11. Yah only 2 hours. Tomorrow I have to be there earlier then I usually have to because we take 3rd and 4th and it starts at 7am. We will see how my body will handle that. I'm actually taking my 2 hardest finals tomorrow(math and English) but I'm sure I will do great.

I went with a couple friends and helped them film a trailer they are doing for extra credit for their English class. I know... I'm way to nice. I also got to be the main lead person and I got to shoot someone! So that was fun.

So here is a recap of what is going on with the short film:

-I shot 1 scene but then decided to throw it away.
-We were going to shoot during winter break but things where getting in the way.
-I lost one of the key characters and had to replace her with someone I have little faith in.
-I was going to film last Sunday but at 8am I got a call and the lead was sick. So I had to cancelled again.
-Our next filming day is Thursday after school and hopefully I can get the main scene out of the way.
-Friday morning we are filming on location at a restaurant and then at my house and that will be a rap for filming.
-Then I have a week to edit it all and send it in to not 1 but 2 different competitions. One is a film festival where I can win cash and another is a regional competition that I could end up going all the way t nationals with. =p

Im also thinking about doing this gap year program thing next year. Basically you take a year off before college and, in this case, go to another country and travel and learn about it. I get some credits also and its a fun experience that most people dont get to do. Its just a thought. I kind of just want to get college out of the way ASAP and then move on but my cousin is slowly convincing me otherwise.


Anonymous said...

gap years are a great idea man, if in doubt do it. some of the people i knew who were best prepared for college and had the best experiences at good schools were ones who took a gap year. college is a blast, not something you want to rush through, and if you're feeling that way about it now, that's all the more reason to take a year away and have a new experience.

Crocodile said...

I agree that going to another country is a good idea. But I also think that taking a gap year before college is a waste of time. Have you considered studying abroad for a year? I did that and I must say that it was one of the best years of my live. As a student it is much simpler to get in contact with other people in the same situation. You can do trips, party, whatever. And don't worry about the studying part. If I was you, I would think about going to Europe as it is very gay friendly :-) If you want to know about my experience, contact me.

lemonhead said...

do a gap year. my cousin did it and she said it was amazing.

and i love finals schedule. im out of school right now and its soooo sweet.


John Doe said...

@Anonymous: awesome! that makes me feel much better about it! thanks for the comment!! =p

@Crocodile: im actually going to transfer to a school that is in the same place as the gap year would be for 3 years. (1 here. 3 there) So the gap year would benefit me because I would be able to learn about my surrounding and about the culture. So it wouldnt be a complete waist of time lol

@lemonhead: i love finals week also! Esp. as a senior. Yesterday I went to school at 9 and left at 10:45! How epic!! lol

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