Cool Attractive Title To Get You To Read This: SEX!

on Thursday, January 7, 2010
Idk this is going to be a pretty random post so hold on tight lol "Thats what she said!"

I have decided that im setting myself a new goal in life. That goal is not to want and expect things as much as I do. For example: I want a boyfriend. Im expecting for one to just suddenly walk into my english class, sit behind me, and pass me a note saying "hey... lets fuck." That is not likely to happen, hence the goal.

Here is another example: My friday night tomorrow is filled with nothingness. Im expecting someone to call me and let me know about the party. That person probably wont and I will be stuck at home writing a blog post. Thats because my friends are working, on dates, or just already have stupid plans to study for finals next week. Yah... my friends are that lame sometimes.

So recap? I'm going to go out tomorrow night with someone new. Have fun and put myself out as a single gay teen who is willing and looking for a relationship that isnt based on sex and only sex. Does that explain the title now? K. Good. =p

My day was boring. I didn't do much but school and homework. This week has just been boring because we have finals next week and all the teachers are reviewing and not doing anything productive. I'm ready for new friendships and to have a good time. Aka college. HURRY UP GRADUATION! haha


Octavius said...

I do what you mean.., but don't let your impatience get the better of you. Life gets a whole lot more complicated when you leave high school.

As to the other, I think you have just about the right approach. Good luck to you.

Courage and Honour!


Anonymous said...

Your blog title really says what you feel inside - "love boys and more." Take the comma out and consider that it says 'love boys, and love more than just boys'. So your post is right on point - a goal larger than just sex.

To put it bluntly, poles in holes are fun and a part of life, but ONLY a part not the whole of life.

Sam said...


I once had to email the student body at my school and get many replies. After many attempts no one got back to me so, lastly, I entitled my email "SEX" and everyone read my email and replied FINALLY!!!
I remembered this story now...

I can't wait for college either but wonder if it's really gonna be much better and happier than high school time. At least then, I will be in a much more open minded and mature environment where I can act more like myself...
Good Luck with finding true love!

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

Wow. Your title really did pull me in. (What does that say about me?) It looks like you're on the right track.

@Sam: That is just hilarious. I guess I'd be one of those late responders.

lemonhead said...

ahhahahahaha i do the same thing with my titles. and i have a similar boyfriend fantasy... yet its in physics class :)

mikey said...

hey jd i think u got a plan ... everyone says to aim hi but i think homer simpson said bart aim low so u wont be disapointed .... somthin to be said for that. im bettin u have a sweet weekend ... may not find the bf yet but bet u have fun

sorry i havent commented for awhile bud

stay cool


Jason Carwin said...

Good luck with finding the boyfriend! I'm about your age and single (and a virgin, gasp!) and I know what you mean about wanting to be in a relationship.

arodomon said...

ur firends sound a lot like mine! u must be really depressed right now? haha

John Doe said...

@Octavius: thank you! I'll try to not let it get the best of me lol

@ceepeeca: that is a really good analysis! I think im going to change it. I like the idea.

@Sam: haha that is really funny! Im really excited for college! Its going to be a good time for sure!

@A Gay Mormon Boy: well im glad it did! It's good to see a mormon gay guy on here! I havent seen many. I know a couple guys in my school that are mormon and are hiding who they because of their religion.

@lemonhead: agh physics! I definitely had a hot guy im my physics class last year. Super cute.

@mikey: thanks for commenting lol this weekend will be a good one. =p

@Jason Carwin: haha thanks for the good luck. looks like I'll need it!

@arodomon: not really depressed lol i was in a bad mood a couple days ago but im pretty happy now. like i always say: shit happens. lol

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