Survey Sunday! - Youtube Boys Edition!!

on Sunday, January 17, 2010
I would post a video each of these guys but I cant really just pick one so you guys can go and click the links and choose your favorite lol I tried to pick a verity of diffrent guys this time. Each one has its own style so its based on your preference! Hopefully this one is harder then the others if the others were too easy! No go check them out and COME BACK AND VOTE IN THE COMMENTS!!

YOUTUBE BOY 1: Deefizzy:

YOUTUBE BOY 2: Jeyyounit11 (Jeydon Wale):

YOUTUBE BOY 3: Adorian Deck:

YOUTUBE BOY 4: Hebimaru112 (Kris the gay one of the group)


Oliver said...

Jeydon Wale has my vote 110%! He is honestly the cutest boy that i have eevvvvvveeeeerrrrrrrrr seen (have i stressed the "ever" enough?) i cant believe he's 18!

Anonymous said...

Definitely Jeydon!!!!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

A lot of boys seem to stay cuter longer, or maybe they look younger even at 18 or 19. Maybe society is shifting that way, that guys are more attractive (and hawt looking!) even into young adult life. Makes for fantastic interweb viewing anyway.

Confused School Boy said...

Jaydon Wale is like sooooo fit and cute! Ive neever seen anyone that cute!!!!!! Hes only 18 aswell!!!!

Sam said...

Damon is cute but Jeydon is so so HOT!
So I choose Jeydon!!!! I love his hair too and he seems quite fun!

Anonymous said...

omg is has to be Damon hes so hot and cute love him

Anonymous said...

Jeydon Wale! 100%!

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