Steven! Why Wont You Call Me???

on Sunday, January 10, 2010
Title: Its a song on Ke$ha's new album. Its stuck in my head. So no, im not waiting for a call from Steven but if he called I would definitely answer =p haha random much?

So I went to a party yesterday and I got home really late so thats why I didnt post anything. I tend to wait until the evening to post a blog just because its when i have nothing to worry about im just relaxing in bed. Anyway... It was for my friends birthday. He turned 18 and he had a white trash party. Except he is a good kid so no drinking or anything of that sort. We kind of just sat around and talked and played games. It was interesting. After that me and two of my friends went over to the lesbian's house and we just hung out for a while. It was fun and then I got tired and left.

Today I went out and got myself a little gift for my Canon 7D =p It's a shotgun mic! Perfect for my short film. I'll write up a post soon about how it's going. I keep forgetting to update you guys on it. Then I went outside and took a couple shots. Fun stuff. I think ill post some of them on here soon.

I think im going to stay away from any seriousness on the blog today. Just to lighten the mood a bit lol I think im going to the LGBT center next weekend with the lesbian. I'll let you guys know how that goes. I dont know if I should mention this blog. For now lets keep it our little secret. =p

Finals start tuesday and I havent started to study. Oh well... I'll wing it. Jk =p


Anonymous said...

Shotgun mic eh, good stuff and a fun toy in its own right. You tend to loose some of the bass or bottom end tone with a shotgun, but of course you get the reach and distance pickup and videos become more interesting when the dialogue seems to come from the talent not an echo in the background.

Sam said...

congrats for the mic. I missed du man, on Sunday (so Saturday post)...
Looking forward to hear (well... read) how the visit to the LGBT center goes. Have a nice week!

John Doe said...

@ceepeeca: it works good for interviews and such. im actually only using it for my short film so its not permanent. =p

@Sam: well im here now lol =p going to write a post latter today. =p

Joseph said...

Hay, cool blog.
My friend pointed out to me today that that girl Ke$ha was in the simple life. It was to one were that were wedding planers.

John Doe said...

@Joseph: thanks! yah i heard that! my friend told me. She told me that she is in the I Kissed A Girl video also lol

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