Asking Out A Guy & Death Penalty For Being A Homo!?!?

on Friday, January 8, 2010
I actually DECIDED to stay in today. I know (GASP!). I had plans to go to a movie with an old friend of mine because it was her birthday and she turned 18 but I told her that I'll make it up to her and we will go see Chippendales when I turn 18 next month!

Also im making a move next week. I'm going to ask this kid out on a date. We dont really talk much but he thinks im hot and he seems like a cool kid and im sure he will say yes so we will see what happens. Its just a date. If I dont end up liking him then no harm done. Last time I heard he was only "bi-curious" which is bull. He is gay. I think he might have come out as bi to a few people but thats threw word of mouth and its not confirmed. So i'll take it for what it's worth.

Also in government we have currents events and something really pissed me off today. One of them was about Uruguay or some country that starts with a U that wants to come out with a law that gives you the death penalty if you are gay!! The U.N. was like "that goes against human rights!!" so they go "ok. fine. we will change it to life in prison! much better!!" WTF!?! are you kidding me. One kid in my class even threw out the statement: "how is this going against human rights?" EXCUSS ME? I almost flipped at him but the class decided to bombard the room with comments like "thats fucked up" and "i cant believe they would do that" and the kid kind of shut up because he noticed he was the odd one out. How the hell can this even happen? This is like the salem witch trials. Its just plain bull shit!

Well that was my rant of the day. I'll talk to you guys latter. Remember feel free to shoot me an e-mail anytime you want. I love talking to you guys!!


Anonymous said...


And that's been around for a few weeks its mentioned a lot in this blog.

Here's a good article. Take a listen to the BBC interview.

Sam said...

This was some serous BS, dude! I hate it when such jerks open their mouths too...
In my school this happened once during a school wide presentation and I'll talk about it on my blog soon. It was ridiculous and pissed me off, big time!
I have friends from Uganda who strongly believe these laws should be there and I hate speaking with them now (though we have school projects to work on together...)

Stay Blessed people!

hummyb said...

umm forget uruguay my country has the death penalty for homosexuality too... and apparently no organisation cares about that... oh and not to mention the ever present taliban... the world seriously sucks

Anonymous said...

People who don't see how human rights are trampled on when being gay is at stake, are always the first to scream their asses off when THEIR rights are screwed with.

Try telling that fucktard that you are in favour of lifetime imprisonment for being str8 - that oughta shut his cake hole pretty quick. Tit for tat, equal treatment under law, right? Amazing how that breaks down very quickly when the shoe is on the other foot!

Mr. HCI said...

To those kind of people, treatment of homosexuals isn't a question of human rights, because being gay is a sin.

Anonymous said...

Well, I question their derivation of the term sin - since I did a major exploration and study of the judeo/christian bible and the koran. Did that as part of a thesis I was writing on sociology. The portions of both "holy books" that deal with sexuality are clearly grafted in, not part of the original texts - even the language and syntax is different.

So what this really means is that those so-called sins are frauds, someone fiddled the texts long after being written. I mean, if god is really present and created humans, he damn well knows that being gay is not a voluntary choice. Why would anyone choose to be hated, dissed and beaten up in some places or even killed for their sexual orientation.

I have never seen anyone reconcile the statements about god and love, and then prove that god hates gay people. Just a buncha BS to me.

Mr. HCI said...

I've heard a few different rationalizations for God's alleged stance on gays.

1. God loves us so much, he wants our sex to be the best possible. That, of course, is penis-into-vagina sex; it matters not if you are are not attracted to the opposite gender but to your own. When we have relations with someone of our own gender, that is not the best possible sex; therefore, God doesn't want us to do it.

2. Adam's sin caused the The Fall of Man. As a result of the Fall, sin was brought into the world. Each of us suffers for Adam's Original Sin. For some of us, God's plan is for us to suffer by allowing us to be born homosexual, knowing full well we will be prohibited from fulfilling our desire for loving, sexual relationships. Not sinning brings us closer to God; so making us gay is his way of bringing us closer to him.

3. God loves us just the way we are; there is no need to change. Because he loves us so much, though, he wants to help us overcome our sinful homosexual attractions.

Wrap your head around those for a while.

You can also search around the blogosphere and find rationalizations from self-loathing, Christian homosexuals, who are either celibate or married to women, despite being attracted to men.

Anonymous said...

@Mr. HCI - you're totally on point, they're ALL rationalizations.......imaginary flights of mental fantasy to explain what other people have concocted in the first place.

I think that the key word is religion, which is from a Latin derivative meaning to reapply laws and regulations upon free individuals. That says it all

John Doe said...

@RichardWoWzerz: thanks for the thinks =p

@Sam: yah it sucks. i hate when assholes open their mouths.

@hummyb: im sorry buddy! =[

@ceepeeca: amen! that is exactly what i was thinking the moment that idiot opened his mouth!

@Mr. HCI: i hear you load and clear. People are just stupid...

@ceepeeca: i agree with you 100% about religion. regulations and laws that make no sense sometimes.

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