Boring Yet Eventful Day

on Wednesday, October 14, 2009
As much as this day was boring, I got a lot done. Including a website that I'm getting paid for. =p So thats good. Chipotle (kinda like subway but with burritos and tacos' lol) was giving out free food for our school today. So we all went and I took it as an opportunity to pass out flyers for our show. Next thing I know is the owner was like "hey we will cater your rehearsal for free!" Awesome huh?

School was boring. Didnt really care about anything. I got a loss of credit notice in the mail for one of my classes because I was absent more then 5 times and they were unexcused. Which is bullshit cause I totally turned in a note. So hopefully that all gets figured out or I wont be able to graduate.

It was my turn to text Jake today but I was sooo swamped with work that I didnt have enough time to breath. In fact I still have like an all nighter to pull if I want to finish all the homework I have. I'm so busy that I dont have time for a facial. Which suck cause I wanted to look good for friday.

I missed Glee (the tv show) today =[ Again... I was busy. I feel like I dont have any time at all to myself. I need a vacation but I wont get one till next month.

That reminds me... I have rehearsal at 7am Saturday and I have a date with nick at 10:30pm on friday. So I'm going to be SUPER tired and unresponsive lol. Then that night is this huge concert festival thing and I'm going to be to tired to go. Sunday ill be homework day lol

Well I' super tired so I'm going to takea nap and wake up in a couple hours to finish homework. blah. school sucks.


Matt. said...

fun life :)

Helga Vonlunch-Box said...

You sound like my 15 year old son when
he's complaining about band LOL!



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