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on Monday, October 26, 2009
Wow... so let me start off this post with a explanation. I guess I took out a bunch of anger on the post. I wasn't that mad. In fact the only reason I blew up on here was because I didnt blow up to anyone else. So yes maybe I sounded like a little selfish brat but that was not how I acted and I am embarrassed that it sounded that way.

About the comments thing... I do read all of your guy's blogs! It's how I end my day before I go to bed. So from now on I promise to leave a comment after I read them!!

Now on with the day... I GOT A LEAD ROLE!!! hell to the yes! I got a lead! THE TECHNICIAN GOT A LEAD haha. I have the funniest lines and im very excited for our first meeting!!

As for the rest of my day? I had a test and 2 quizzes. I got an A on my math one but I dont know about the others. I kind of bs'd the other quiz lol.

Anyway im super tired and have lots of homework to do.



Octavius said...

No worries mate, everyone needs to let off some steam occasionally.


Helga Vonlunch-Box said...

Everybody needs to vent every now and then...
Where better to do that then here :)
I'm glad you don't keep it in :)



David said...

Think we've all used our blogs to vent...nice knowing, though, that there are some folks reading that'll be there to listen...even if it's just a virtual listening....

Matt. said...

lol glad ure happy :)

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