on Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Jake didnt show up at our show tonight. He also hasnt texted be since sunday. I'm kinda over it. He really isnt worth it anymore. Unless he is like in the hospital or something im done. I'm not going to try if he doesnt want to try. Don't get me wrong, im not hurt. Upset, yes, but bot hurt. He's just a boy.

He has a small chance to fix all of this. He better do one hell of a job doing it though.

Other then that life is good, well its ok. I told my mom that I want to take a year off and find myself and she basically said no. Then flipped a bitch. I have a couple months to tell her that im going to do what I want and that if she ends up not paying for my education then she can blame herself for me not going to school. I'll get my degree. It does not mean that I HAVE to get it right away.

Well im so tired so im going to head to bed.

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Matt. said...

Meh youre like my doppelganger i think. Dean = jake? Or maybe all the fit guys are just knobs. Anyways its your life you do what you want


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