School, School, Oh Yah & Jake

on Thursday, October 22, 2009
So remember how I said he was ignoring him. Well yah... he didnt come to the show because his dad flew in and his mom wouldn't let him leave her alone with him because they are divorced. Which I get but that doesnt mean he has a free pass. He still needs to EARN my love lol. He needs to try now which might make him realize im not here to play games...

Saw this really cute boy today. He is to young to be hot and i would NEVER date someone that young but cuteness wise he was a 9.5 (i like never give out 10's lol). My gaydar went off on him and my friend (who is a lesbian) said so too! Haha turns out he is best friends with my friends younger brother and he is "straight" cause he has a thing for some girl. My view: I wouldn't be surprised if the kid and my friends younger brother "experimented" haha.

I'm SOOO tired. This week has been crazy busy. Oh yah i got grounded for this weekend cause i came home an hour late and forgot to call. whatever... shit happens.


Matt. said...

Meh. Theyve always got excuses for not talking, those fit boys, eh?:P

Anonymous said...

Some aren't ready for anything very close, let alone loyalty. Some are aware they're popular and want no close ties until they're absolutely ready (if ever!) and some are just - hard to get!

He may just be a guy who doesn't yet prioritise his personal relationships high enough to overcome family and other pressures.

I guess none of us wants to see you get hurt so you're line of 'yes please, but you need to show me you want me' is probs. pretty safe.

It's not going to win prizes in the 'catching your man' competitions!

Helga Vonlunch-Box said...

You're to good for this 'Jake' boy...
I say move on and let him call you and
then you act like it's no big deal that
he is and if he asks you out don't get
giddy just say 'I'll think about it...'

LOL on the not giving out 10's...



John Doe said...

you guys are awesome!
I really appreciate it and yes... maybe its time to move on.

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