I'm A Busy Bee! haha

on Tuesday, October 27, 2009
Omg I have been swamped. I am so swamped that I had to cancel a hair cut and facial to sit in the auditions for the talent show. Then I was (was because I called in and told them im to tired) meant to work a band show doing sound.

I got in the talent show =p I think it was cause they knew me and I was a judge. It's ok cause everyone loved the act. So since I was a judge at the talent show I got to see some... special people. I swear some people have guts to go on stage and think they can sing when really they sound like SHIT. Sorry it's true. There were some amazing act's though. There was this amazing couple that did this hip hop dance and they had this story to it all and it was sooo cute!

In case anyone care's I got a C on that other quiz! Which im very happy about because A) I didnt even read the story that the quiz was on and B) my friends that took notes and studied and all got a F lol. So I think i did a good job BS'ing it. haha In government today we had this whole "how a bill passes" thing and it was really cool. Every person came up with a bill and then the teacher picked them "out of a hat" (it was a box lol). Some asshole was like "america shouldn't allow homos'!" WTF! We only had time for 3 bills and all 3 were stupid. Thought in my head: "I cant get married and this is what you consider important?!?" Ex. One of the bills said that people shouldn't need a high school diploma to get a job. So I was like "really?!? You want some drop out to become a rocket scientist?" and she was like "No you see cuz i was gonna go an get me a job at the t-mobile store but then after they hads all the papers and stuffs dun they were like, nah you cant work here cause you aint got no HS diploma!" Me: Thats what matter's to you? You cant just wait 7 more months and get a job at T-Mobile? except I didnt say that part. People are so stupid in my government class. Some kid asked how many words are in a sentence. Some girl was like "So is that 400 ac or 400 dc?" YOU SEE WHAT I DO THREW?? (sarcastic tone) haha

I was going to have a kickback at my house this weekend. A kickback is like a party but with less people and is focused on just having fun with a little bit of alcohol haha ok... maybe a lot of it. See my parents were going to go out of town but my little brother got sick and now they decided they aren't leaving.

Sorry this post is very random and not very organized. I'm exhausted from this week already and its only tuesday! AGH! Math homework and then some SLEEP! Luckily I have a little free time tomorrow cause our meeting for the one act was moved to thursday. That give's me like 4 hours and then I have to go work a show at 5pm!

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