Trip In Review...

on Sunday, October 11, 2009
Lets get a few names out of the way:

Giovanna - best friend =p
Jake G. - annoying sophomore I roomed with
Alex - stupid freshman I roomed with.

Well yah I roomed with 3 guys, Alex, Jake G., and Davis. Davis was cool but the other two OMG! First of all lets start with Alex. He was sooo weird. He was, in the middle of the night, sitting up and watching me sleep. The next morning he told me there was "something over me" while i was sleeping. Yah... he is weird. Jake G. is just a douche. He acts like he is the shit and that he is the coolest person ever. Like he tries so hard its annoying. He doesn't understand the concept of respect. The whole trip everyone was hatting on him.

Giovanna, who is my best friend, decided that she didnt want to spend time with me. Which pissed me off because she literally has been ignoring me for a week now. Whatever I'll get over it.

There were like a TON of hot gay guys there. Like 100's of them. Every place I was there was at least 2. It was amazing! The only problem was that they all reminded me about how they are not Jake (my guy). =[ So I texted him and then he never texted me back. Since then I have been a reck. I keep analyzing everything. From what I said/did to what to do next. Its killing me. I got him a gift too. Its a whislet. Its a bracelet that you put on and say a wish and when it falls off it comes true. Kinda cute huh? lol

Overall it was an amazing trip. I had a good time and hung out with a bunch of people. I loved it all. I won and its an amazing feeling. I just hope that Jake (my jake lol) ends up texting me soon cause I want him to make an effort.

Im actually watching desperate housewives right now and typing during commercials lol So I'll talk to you all later. BYE =p


Matt. said...

Hey I wouldnt worry about Jake texting you that much. I mean i know what its like when the texts aren't coming, and youre just lost and stuff. Give it a few days without texting him, and then text him; thats better than constantly texting him methinks.


Octavius said...

Hey John,

Like Matt said, just don't stress over it. There could be things that are going on with him that need his immediate attention. He will txt you when he is ready. I know that sounds harsh, but sometimes in life, we just have to suck it up and deal.

Always remember that all things in life work out as they should.

Courage and Honour!


cvn70 said...


Hey havent we been over this before lol, hey i know its tough waiting but just let it reat and then like Matt says send him another one in a day or two

take care and be safe


John Doe said...

haha i am totally taking you guy's advice lol im just venting about it. lol I havent texted him since then and that was like 3 days ago. So yes, im waiting it out. lol

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